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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Justchill, Mar 1, 2002.

  1. I have a closet, 2x2, that I want to convert into growing. I am thinking about either 4 plants to flowering, or ??? through vegatative then outside.. what do you think?

    my major question is what sort of lighing should I use? I was thinking flourscence? could I provide a sufficient amount of heat? or maybe a smaller HPS?

    any help would be appriated by this newbie =)
  2. Hm, if you're using a 2' by 2' grow room and u plan on growing 4 plants, that's not enough room.... I would suggest keeping the plants vegetated for about 2 weeks inside then move them outside. Flouro's work well. Since it's not that much of a growing room, I suggest about..... 40 watts. 80 would be better but since ur only keep them in for 2 weeks, you don't need to spend more money. The sun's rays will be enough. But.... isn't it a little too early to start growing outdoors? I would suggest to wait atleast till April but June 1st would be best. Hope this helped.
  3. yeah i know its too early, but I in 2 months i'll have a 8x8 grow room to work with :) so I can expand the size for the plants then.

    What do you consiter optimal sq. ft. per plant?
    I have read that for SOG its about 1sq.ft. anywayz, let me know what you think
  4. Start out with 2, 3, 0r 4 plants but cull back to just 1 female plant after flowering. trim all the big fan leaves off a litle at a time starting at the top and working your way down over 2 or 3 weeks. This way you get good light on the whole plant and yield is increased. Your culls go outside if female and try not to waste. This advice is for hydro, strectch it out if you are a dirt man.

    Lights, I would go with a small HPS, 250 watt. You can try bigger, say 400 watt, but you need to watch the heat and how close the plants get to the light or the tips will fry. Fluoros - the more the better. Minimum of 120 watt.

    1 foot is fine for scrog, but you only grow tops and your yield will be down for just a 2 by 2 room and 4 plants. You will be better off trimming one plant up in a 2 by 2.
  5. Big Poppa! would you do this fan leave removal at flowering or before?
  6. At flowering.

    In a 2 x 2 closet your light source is directly overhead. very little reflective light making its way around the canopy to the lower branches. Think in terms of an old growth forest. The trees canopy is mature an allows very little penetration to reach the forest floor. Thus vegatative growth there is restricted to shade tolerant species such as mosses, ferns, and such. Very little green biomass on the forest floor as compared to the forest canopy.

    Now in the box, trimming the big leaves allows light to penetrate the canopy and the lower branches recieve more light. More light increases growth, flowering, and yield. Wait until flowering has been going for a couple of weeks and start out trimming the bigger leaves at the top. Slowly work your way down the stalks trimming a few leaves at a time and pretty much those leaves that are really blocking light for the lower flowers. If it works out OK you can wind up with a complete stalk of bud.

    IMO, trimming makes sense in this case because of light blockage
  7. The best light I have found is aquarium flourecent. It has a much wider spectrum and a decent heat level.
  8. I just got a the new floro at my local hydro store.. its 90W for the 2x2 closet, but it gives the same amount of usable light that 400W normally would? something like that.. its pretty hot tho

    if anyone else has one of these, please lemme know if u needed a fan or not, and a good place to get one

    Thank you
    and how long does it normally take a germinated seed to sprout?
  9. a 2 x 2 closet will need a fan to vent heat from any light source. You can get away with a $20 bathroom exhaust fan from Home depot and some flexible clothes dryer tubing.

    Seeds germinated should be up through the soil by at least 1 week.
  10. sounds good, thanx for the help =)
    im at day 4 and no sproutage :(

    it is not too hot in there, around low 80s
    should I keep the soil moist at all times during germination?
  11. If you watered the soil before you planted the seeds, they should be fine until they sprout out and grow a few nodes. If they haven't sprouted yet, don't water again. They may be waterlogged, fungus rot, etc. Overwatering is the easiest mistake made when starting out.

    If they haven't sprouted after 2 weeks, I would say they are dead and aren't coming up. Try again
  12. if they dont come up im going tp plant them outside, maybe a seed'l last till spring and come up =)

    right still hopefull
    so I should let them dry out before watering again?
  13. So your saying water once through germination until they sprout??

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