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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dubll, Jul 3, 2002.

  1. ok guys, any tips. its my first time growing. i just wanna grow one, maybe 2 plants indoors. i'll probably just grow it in my room so nothing fancy. so any tips on growing? would my plants still grow if i dont use any fancy lighitng scheme. also, im buyin some seeds from seedsdirect. do u know what kind i should get ...that will produce a small plant and doesnt smell that much. thanx!

  2. im noexpert but ive just got my three seeds about 6 days ago and they are 2 and half inches tall wit leaves and all i done was put them in small pots with seed compost fed them with miricle grow as shown put foil around my pot and put it in my window cill for the sun then i put them on the table at nite and keep my flat warm, also watering every time they look like dryin so that worked for me, u can try it :eek:

  3. yeah i started growing as a little hobby.. but now its a f-cking obsession, probably spent close to a G on equipment and genetics. If your in the US, goto heavens stairway at, or cbay (online auction). Id go for Northern Lights, which grows small and compact and most importantly has almost no fucking smell (high is pretty good to, kinda stoney though). Spend the extra dollar and get good seeds, it will be really worth it.
  4. whats a good seed company to go with for northern lights
  5. Ive heard that a strain called "Early Girl" has almost no odor, i could be mistaking it for another strain though.

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