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First Time

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ThaJester, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. Well, this is my first time growing and hopefully it turns out as expected. Pictures will come monthly starting when plants have sprouted.

    The seeds are just bag seeds from an ounce of schwag/commercial weed I bought for 4/20. They were planted around a tree in the heart of some sort of viny vegitation.

    I live in Northeastern Oklahoma. Around April and May it's generally rainy and somewhat humid. The temperature ranges from 60 – 80 degrees during these months and climbs to 80 – 100+ degrees in June and July and the humidity levels are extremely high. For this reason I put the seeds in a half shady/half sunny spot. I think they'll do okay though, from what I've read.

    April 18
    Seeds were placed inside a sealed plastic bag with a wet paper towel to germinate. They are to be left for 7 days wrapped in a blanket in total darkness, untouched.

    April 25
    7 days later, the seedlings had 2 – 3 1/2” long tails coming out of them and seemed to be ready to plant.

    Materials Used:
    Lime Powder
    Rusty Nail(s)
    Store-bought Soil
    Spray Bottle
    Nutrient Stick (Similar to Miracle Grow)

    Note: I ground up the nutrient stick and mixed it with the Lime powder. Proportions were approximately 10 parts Lime to 1 part nutrient stick.

    After taking seedlings to the desired planting site, I preceded to till 2 separate areas (forming a circular shape approximately 2ft^2) about 3 – 5” ft apart with my shovel. When the ground was completely tilled, I placed 2 rusty nails (1ft apart) about 6” – 1' into the ground and then mixed 1 cup of Lime powder/nutrient stick with a shovel full of the store-bought soil and tilled the ground once more to mix it correctly in both areas.

    After this I placed 2 seedlings in the tilled area approximately 1 foot apart and 3” into the soil and misted with the spray bottle before and after covering with soil in both areas.

    (The above will be used for my grow journal which will be posted when I start taking pictures)

    How do you think I'll do for my first time and the mentioned conditions?

    From what I've read, right now is the perfect time to plant and I have all and any needed materials to make this work.

    I'll post pics as plants sprout out of the ground (assuming they do).

    How often do I need to check the plants?

    How often should I water? (Assuming it rains 2 - 5 times every 2 weeks for the next month, and then we go through a moderate drought near the end of June)

    Do I need to take any special security precautions? I have planted the plants behind my house at the beginning of 18 acres of land which connects to another unused 30 - 50 acres. All of which is 1/6th of a mile away from a fairly big neighborhood.

    When should I consider harvesting my plants, and what exactly do I need to do when I get to that point and just before?

    I know that's a lot of questions, but this is my first time.. and it seems like everything I read contradicts the previous article.
  2. I edited my post and replaced it with what I typed up for a grow journal I plan on posting later on...

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