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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bwiggcraine, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Just signed up, and wanted to post a thread, so I was wondering about your first time smoking story
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  2. my first time getting high was with edibles... worst best idea ever. I had no idea edibles took so long to hit so I ate one. as my friend told me to just eat ONE. but 20 mins later and I felt normal! so I ate another one. 5 mins later I thought it was bullshit so I ate all 3 of my cookies. 10 minutes later I was stoned so bad. 15 minutes later all 3 of them were hitting me I literally saw the sidewalk move side to side like a wave. got home and then played black ops and ate a burrito. lmao

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  3. The first time I popped my weed cherry there was no blood and it didn't hurt. I felt AMAZING!

    Yeah I'm stoned
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  4. 4 of us total drove around in a car played basket ball, skateberded alittle good times I think i was 19. Weed will always be your friend, and you might make new ones with it.
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