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  1. Hey I'm growing outdoors for the first time and I've several questions. But first, some background information. I'm planting 3-4 at the most. I'm on the East coast and seeing as it's unlikely to frost again, I'm going to plant now. Additionally, I won't be here anymore starting in July and I've always wanted to grow here. I'm not looking to produce absolute top of the line bud, this is more for fun than anything. I've chosen a location in the woods about 100 yards off of a little known hiking path in the area. It's entirely out of view even though there's not much ground foliage yet, and would be fairly troublesome to get to unless you had a reason to. I looked for any sign of humans having been there and couldn't find any. It'll receive direct/mostly direct sunlight 2/3 of the day and scattered sunlight the rest. I've skimmed through the guides stickied here and my basic plan is to dig out an area, fill it with gardening soil, and plant. I was wondering: How often do I need to check on it to water? How deeply do I need to dig? Is there any care I should give it while growing (trimming, stakes, etc.)? Will it flower if I plant it now even though the 10-12 week grow period lands in late June (I read some are autoflowerers and some are light dependent)? Is there anything that really needs to be added to the soil (regular but nice gardening soil)? Again, this is more of a fun experiment and I'm not looking to go over the top with anything. Replies to any/all questions are much appreciated and advice is welcome as always. Thank you and happy smoking! :smoke:
  2. You will have to get an autoflowering strain if you need to finish by july. Most take 8 to 10 weeks and don't need much nutrients, just good soil. How many times you visit depends on how safe it is and the weather. Leave a large water container with a tiny hole at the bottom of it next to the plants. This will slowly drip out water and reduce amount of times you visit to water them. A good soil should be just about all you need. Don't go buy some miracle grow shit find a sticky on soil recipes and mix some up(peat,perlite,bone/blood meal etc) there tons of info and its inexpensive to make. Dig as deep as possible but since autos a pretty small you can stop before you hit china
  3. Northeast bro, you're gunna see another frost. I was thinking the same thing as you, then stepped outside this morning :/
  4. Yeah but today seems to be the last of it. And it just barely frosted where I am. The weather appears as if it's going to get progressively warmer. And what will happen if I plant a light dependent one now? Will it just grow slowly and still flower in fall?
  5. Planting from seed now will grow normally and flower in august. But I'd keep an eye on the weather bud, looks pretty chily at night still to me.
  6. Alright I just asked a friend if he'd be interested in growing with me so now I'm going to have a place to grow the seedlings inside until it's warm enough/they're strong enough to grow outside. What are some good sites to order seeds from? I'm extremely wary of ordering them for obvious legal reasons. We're just using bag seeds because, again, this is more of a fun experiment and practice. I'll start taking it a lot more seriously once I've a safer place to grow in a few months.

    Also, good post time. :)

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