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  1. :smoke:

    im stoned just reminiscing bout the first time i get stoned alone just wanted to hear some stories about the first time you smoked up alone...

    i dont know if its the same for most people but when i started smokng it was with friends and random people and mostly in public areas or other people houses. and everyone was like "dont smoke alone its lame" and "weed is a social drug"

    but the first time i smoked up alone, i just realised how fucking wrong they were. the first few times i smoked up alone i made a real thing of it... i did it during my days off study, and id go down to the supermarket and buy all sorts of munchies and then id go to the video store and pick out something trippy and new and like some oldschool horror movies like plan 9 to laugh at haha just stereotypical stoner shit it was awesome. like i would spend my whole day just making shit perfect.

    heres a short snippet of a story from the first time i got stoned alone:

    we have this cat and usually it doesnt like me, runs away from me and shit, anyway id just smoked two joints of some real good weed i got off a new dealer and i was lying on the couch and the cat jumps up on my chest and starts licking my fingers and rubbing his face on mine and shit, and it took me a while to notice but i think he liked weed... so after some pizza i went outside to smoke up again and the cat was there, and he sat on my lap and shit as i was smoking... when we got inside he was heaps playful and shit, funny as, he was running around like a kitten again. and then came the munchies... holy shit he ate a full tin of food was funny as. and now me and the cat get on sweet haha

    so what was it like the first time you smoked up alone? and what are your fave things to do getting baked alone??
  2. I can't remember the first time I smoked alone.

    When I'm high and alone, I enjoy watching movies, listening to music, or just walking around at night while listening to music. I like all kinds of shit. Haha.
  3. i immediately rubbed one out. i wasnt even aware that was something people, "did", high. I just noticed my heaightened senses and knew there was no other decision to make.
  4. I can't really remember the first time I smoked alone either, but I like it just as much as smoking with one or two friends and going outside etc.
  5. yeh did that too then one time i asked some other stoners if they had ever done it nd how good it was and everyone just grinned and nodded haha
  6. smoked alone for the first time when I was 17 in my bathroom at my parents house, turned on the shower grabbed my little bowl and a slice of mids and started smoking, only made it a bowl pack or two, now an 1/8 of mids last about 45 minutes total, I miss those days.
  7. I'd bought weed off my friend's dealer. My friend even picked it up for me, and I met him at a store to get it. Promptly after getting back to my parent's house, where I lived at the time, I took a bath and smoked out of the brand new pipe I'd gotten just for the occasion - and I knew I'd be smoking alone alot more often, since I'd smoked before, just not alone. So I packed a tiny bowl, hit it, and coughed up a lung. I was freaking out about the smell, since I didn't know my mom smoked as well at that time. I remember just being super high and thinking that somehow my parents heard my lighter flicking from all the way down stairs. Then I remembered I had the stereo blasting, and they knew I smoked cigarettes, so a lighter noise would've been normal.

    Ahhh, the days..
  8. The first time I smoked I smoked a j too quick in my room and my head was spinning for like half an hour until I laid down and turned on some music, which sounded perfect. Every song was an adventure. Time was going really slow, and I ate some jerky. Then I jerked it, that was pretty nice. Then I fell asleep for 4 hours.
  9. One day when I knew no one was home at my house (I was in high school), I cut class, went to Quiznos and got a Chicken Carb, brought it back to my house, rolled a J, and smoked it while watching Transformers. It was pretty epic.
  10. When I'm high and alone.
    I dance. I'll dance in the shower for hours if
    the water wouldn't get cold.

    I think it's a beautiful release.
    Ah....I can't wait to get an apartment.....

  11. I get what your saying. We would always smoke it up at my friends house and we would take turns buying 8ths for like 3 or 4 people. Then it seemed like I was the one buying all the time, very dank shit man, white widow and white rhino. Shit was good, but expensive. Anyways, I said I think I am going to buy my own bong and shit and he was like na you shouldn't, it's better with people. Thats when I stopped smoking.
  12. The first time I smoked up alone, I basically just tried to see how much I could handle before falling asleep or something, rofl. I can't remember now how much I actually smoked, but ohhh was it a trip... xD
  13. this.

    edit: I wasn't alone... I went to a friends bathroom, lol.
  14. I am pretty sure that the first time that I smoked alone involved me setting my hair on fire. Thats my first time alone with a waterbottle bong, I had more sucess with glass. My first time smoking my first bong was amazing, especially since right after got my first taste of blonde hash, I went home and passed out with my shoes on and everything, I'm an insomniac that never naps, me passing out in the middle of the day is unheard of, needless to say it kicked ass.
  15. First time alone, 3 bowls to my dome, "passed out" (fell asleep) an hour or two later. :rolleyes: I had the most INTENSE visuals and best body high. I miss that tolerance level ahha.

    Now a days I pretty much only smoke alone....
  16. The first time I smoked alone was one of the best/trippiest days of my life.

    It was the second of third day of school and I bought my first bag of weed from one of my friend's friend.

    Ever since my first high (over the summer), I was looking forward to doing it alone for the longest. When nighttime came, and my mom was asleep, I prepare my little makeshift bottle-pipe (it wasnt a bong and was extremely ghetto; but it did have an ice-catcher!).

    I locked my door, prepared a bowl, turned the lights out, opened the window, sat down, took a few deep breaths... and lit up.

    After a couple solid hits, that feeling that I had the first time I was high slowly but suddenly at the same time washed over me and I was completely ecstatic.:smoke:

    I was overwhelmed with feelings of euphoria mixed with nostalgia and it was great. I turned on this little trippy light (that changed into four colors) and watched my ghetto light show on my ceiling; it was epic.

    I eventually put on some music and this was THE BEST THING EVAR!!! It was the first time I listened to music high and it was just incredible; words cant describe it. I listened to song after song on my ipod and understood them more than ever as I watched the fantastic light show on my ceiling.

    After that, I became a straight up stoner, and smoked every other day after school by myself and every other weekend with my best friend for a whole semester until I was caught. Then I slowed down a lot, but not completely. I still smoked out with my best friend every weekend and occasionally with other friends.

    I dont care what anybody says about smoking alone, I cherish every high Ive had by myself dearly. I dont care if I sound like a loser or a loner, but those were some of the best highs/times of my life!
  17. First time I smoked alone. I waited untill a saturday night and smoked a joint in the backyard. then I snuck back up, took a shower, got muchies and watched alice in wonderland, seems like that movie finished in a few minuets. I was INSANLEY high.
  18. First time for me to smoke by myself was my 2nd or 3rd time to ever smoke.

    First time was with a waterbottle and some schwag in my parents garage right before going to see Bob Dylan.
    I didn't get high.

    My second time to ever smoke was after I picked up the most legit purp I have ever seen to this day. Completely covered in purple, 20 a gram. I didn't know how lucky I was at the time.

    I hop in the guys car and he asks if I want to hit a pipe. (I had never seen a glass pipe before) I played it off like I knew what was up, and ended up taking 2 or 3 hits.

    I thank him for the bud and drive to drop off a gram for a lady friend.

    I ended up driving around town by myself blasting music, my first time ever to really get high.

    I went home and toked the fuck up in my room, and felt like, since I didn't need to drive or anything, that I could really enjoy my high. And I did. I remember feeling like when I walked, I was stationary, just moving the entire world under me. I rediscovered music, and have been smoking daily for the past 3 or 4 years. By myself, and with people....:smoke:

  19. this post made me smile...:D i also remember being amazed with music when i first started smoking...that was the sensation that stood out to me the most.

    I still love smoking alone...usually if i smoke with people i'm not completely comfortable with, i don't enjoy the high as much. or, even with people who chatter non-stop.. i love being outside when high..esp when it's a nice day and there is a nice park to hang out in...the colors are so beautiful and intense...
  20. The first time I ever smoked alone I faced a whole blunt. I went out and sat in my car and baked out while listening to some music. Then I went back inside and just chilled listening to music with a visualizer for a while and I dunno wut else I did. But it was pretty fun. I love smoking alone I just havent done it in a while.

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