First time you met Your/A Dealer.

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  1. Post your first time meeting your or just any Dealer.

    For me it was awesome.
    The guy was like 45 mins late, so he gave me a bunch for free.
    15gs of good shit for 100.
    Me and my mates were well flying that weekend :D

    Peace blades
  2. Technically I MET my dealer in 5th grade, but he didn't actually become a dealer till freshmen year in high school. Needless to say since he was such a good friend he hooked me the fuck up, he still hooks me up 8 years later.
  3. i was 18 and call my friend who deals and i ask for a gram and he gives it to me and then he leaves and after looking at it for a minute i call him and im like "WTF AM I SUPPOSE TO DO WITH THIS"

    and he told me to buy a bowl and i stuff the weed threw the hole cuz i thought thats where it went but needless to say i still got high
  4. LMFAO!! +rep for just making me pee my pants. :D
  5. I was in my friends apartment.

    He comes in, and I give him the money and he gives me the weed.

    Pretty standard.
  6. few days ago I directly met my dealer (I used to use middleman), hes quite a nice guy tho. he sells the stuff, for what from my experiences (2years smoking pot in melb) is the cheapest in the ghetto! yeaaay he also stated he sold another drugs to rock and roll.
  7. I've never bought more than twice from the same guy since i started smoking 2-3 years ago...
    But I've always wanted to have a dealer like in the stoner movies. ahah
  8. That's pretty incredible actually :eek:

    How do you live with such inconsistency!?!?

  9. I also rarely purchase from the same guy.
    I feel like when I meet the perfect dealer, I'll settle down. But for now, I'm playing the field, ya dig?
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    That sounds cool like a legit pineapple express dealer and shit. Ooo weee Imma get sucked into that feeling of havin a good dealer.
  11. I was a freshman in high school sneaking out and three dealers(all seniors) who were bestfriends came near where I was and I thought I was gonna get jumped but they were cool and showed me how to get on top of our school... Then school came along and they like ran down the halls with me on their shoulders and would bail me out of class with fake passes.. Still chill with them to this day haha, but that freshman year gave me respect all through highschool cuz I was the only one chillen with older kids
  12. My guy was my actual brother who lived on his own..

    When I started picking up off of him, me and my best buddy would always goto his apartment, and the first time he opened the door to us, we just got greeted with a huge scent of weed, like a pound. We get downstairs, and he shows us his pounds, bongs, and decides to roll a 2 pape joint for us..while we play ps3.

    I had the lowest tolerance ever back then..and my god the weed hit me so hard, I wish those highs still came my way..
  13. I met my dealer in kindergarten. Ofcourse, he wasn't a dealer then. We stayed pretty good friends and near 7th grade he started dealing. Just your average weed. Decent and nothing special. Regi and Dro. Then, around freshman year he starts getting some good shit. Better yet, he always hooked it up extra fat for me. One day I was caught, so at the time I was sentenced 2 years probation. I stopped smoking for those 2 years, then he introduced me to weed again. Good shit, an I pick up from him ever since. We are both 19 now.
  14. I was a freshman in highschool, and he was a super senior and it was late at night and I walked up to his car and he gave me like 3 little nugs and I gave him 40 dollars. Haha I thought it was a lot at the time.
  15. First time I met a dealer on my own I got ripped off
  16. i give the customer what they pay for, nothing less and always make sure the homes feelin' good. :smoke:
  17. my favorite person to buy from is the shit. he sells great dank bud for 15/gram (which is cheap around here). I first met him when i was probably 14 or 15 playing halo with a bunch of people. I didn't start smoking til i was 19. a month after i started smoking he buys my 360 slim from me. About a month later, my smoking buddy informed me that this dude smokes, and sells, dank weed for cheap. Awww Yeahhhh, best friend time. He hooks me up, always matches me, and always smokes me out.

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