First Time You Bought Grass.

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  1. I heard of first time noob smoking grass stories, but now I want to hear of the first time you bought grass. 
    For me I had moved to this new school 9th grade, and these Mexicans asked me if I smoked. I had never smoked before but I said yes because why the fuck not. He told me that he can sell me some good grass and days later I gave him 5 bucks and we went up to the seniors and he unzipped his pencil pouch that was full of tiny baggies and handed me one over. I have no idea how much it was, probably around 0.4 ..

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    Well, I smoked hash only for the first 2 years, bud was just so damn scarce here unfortunately. First time I bought grass was brick stick weed, a whole kilo actually. Had to take a bus back to mine, I have never been so friggin' paranoid!  :confused_2:
  3. The guy was in my class and stealing it from his older brother that was getting it from somewhere, it was only mids. I get like 0.5g from him and he puts out this Horrid Henry book, opens it and like 3 compartments were cut into the book to store baggies. This guy would steal like 2 grams a day from his brother but he wouldn't be able to smoke it so he'd have to either sell it or he'd eat it at school, believing this would give him a "buzz", I think it did in the end through like a placebo effect.
  4. Brick weed was what I bought the first time. Went with my friend to score some and smoked my first joint in a park. Gave a super high.
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    Paid £40 and got ripped the fuck off. Got like under 1 gram. But i didn't know i got ripped off at the time  :cry:
    And it was some dirty ass bullllll shit. Still annoys me to this day when i think about it. Thanks OP for reminding me :{
  6. Bought three joints off my friend for five bucks.
    Definitely not medical grade, but not the worst either.
    All in all, it was a good day for such a snot-nosed thirteen year old. :smoking:
  7. Funny. Ass story so in 7th grade I walked in on these Mexicans doing a deal in the bathroom and they go if u snitch we will beat your ass. So me and my friend being little suburban kids got scared shit less and where like thinking these guys are in ms13 so next day we bring 20 bucks and we get 2 gs so the dude would think we smoked lol. So next day we thought about throwing it out but we where like nah so we made this sketchy piece out of wood it was like a wooden bowl . So being our first time we smoked all 2gs lmfao of this shitty ass like brick from Mexico shit and got so baked omg we play cod all day long and ordered 50 wings and 3 large pizzas from dominos ahahahahahahahah the delivery guy knew we where so high he just busted out laughing
  8. 7th grade me and my friend bought an eighth from this black dude my friend knew. We did the deal right on the side of a gas station so I was paranoid as fuck. We went back to my friends house, rolled a blunt a smoked it. I got really high and it was great. But then my gf at the time texted me and kept complaining asking me to meet her at the mall. So I totally lost my high trooping accross town on my bike. But it was cool cause me and that friend smoked the rest of the eighth we bought that night and got fucked up haha
  9. Respect for fellow jesus avi.
  10. I can't remember the first time I bought budz but I do remember the first time I stole it from my mom..! 7th grade she is asleep after work and I had to go in her room and get in her stash box  :eek: scared as hell ...I pinched to much and she snapped to it ..came home the next day with what I think was the rest of her bag and a metal pipe and said if I ever pinch her bag again I'm toast ! made me smoke a bowl all to myself ..oh man I passed out for like 8 hours parenting ! but that was the early 80's. :bongin:
  11. I was smoking for 2-3 weeks before i ever bought any and even then i got it off my friend I knew since Grade 6 
  12. Bought shake sms

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  13. man, I don't even want to think about those days. my brother used to hook up weed when I first started smoking so I never bought it myself. the first bag I ever bought myself was a bag of brown, hard ass mids and I paid $20 dollars for it. fuck that asshole who was ripping me off when I was 15. it's whatever though. I guess that's the price you have to pay when you're underage with no car or connects and have no other choice.
    my first time (and only time) selling weed was to some new kids in town. I sold a gram of loud to these desperate kids. they literally came up to me and my friends and said "are you guys from here? you know where we can buy weed?" lol just straight up like that. I had some weed on me that we were planning to smoke, but when they offered $35 for it, I sold it instantly haha. my friend, being the conman that he is, told the kids that he had a dealer on the way and he charged $5 for delivery, even though the bud was in my pocket the whole time. we met up with them a little while later and ended up getting $40 for 1 gram of weed. still, that doesn't make up for all the times I've been ripped off, simply because I had no other source of weed
  14. The first time I bought weed, I was 15 years old and it was 1968. it cost $5 for a little brown envelope . I'd say there was enough in there for about 3-4 joints. Two friends and me sat around my kitchen table and then ate all my parents' donuts.
  15. Probably freshman year of high school haha.
  16. 7th Grade, sat there with a friend and watch the Visualizer on xbox and talked for hours. i immediately fell in love
  17. Paid a good friend of mine 20 bills, they came back with like 1.2 of bomb medical.

    That was probably some of the best I've gotten, and I had 0 tolerance at the time.

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  18. I was in High School. Friends and I were looking to buy but didn't yet have any real connect. This real burnout looking kid from our HS rolls up to the QuickieMart lot we were sitting in and just sits in his car, parked with some other dude we didn't recognize. We all spend the next 5 minutes calling each other "Pussy!" followed by "Well then why don't you go ask 'em?!"
    Finally I went over and told him I knew he probably smoked and could he hook me up with his dealer. He laughed and asked if I had $10. 
    I said yeah, and he opened up a backpack with a gallon size ziplock half full with trim and popcorn. Nobody had an empty baggie so he took the cellophane off his ciggs and filled that up.
    He got a little mad when my friends all came over to see if the deal was happening or not. Rookie mistake. Nobody knew any better. But nothing says "Drug deal going down" like 5 kids sticking their heads into some burnout's car!
  19. got like 2g for $10 from my bro :D
  20. my friends and i would always pool like 20 bucks each and buy a quarter to share in high school. the first time i bought my own stash i was buying it through my boyfriend's dealer.

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