first time xanax

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by soleaffliction, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. I have 10mg of xanax right now
    currently taken 5mg and not feeling much except my motorskills are shot hahah
    is 1 more mg pushing it?
  2. Might as well.

    You wont remember shit anyway.
  3. yeah took another mg and a shot
  4. im a bad kid?
  5. Your naughty!! (In a Chris Farley voice)
  6. im currently on about 10 mgs of xanax and im bored.
  7. yeah now im at 7mg
  8. should i be expecting some crazy ass dreams
  9. nah not at all just the best sleep of your life. you sound like me your one of those people benzos dont really affect too much.
  10. its a fucked up world my friend
  11. fuck it j ust take all 10 mgs :hello:
  12. its getting too late im tired lol i dont wanna waste it
    i got the drunk walk def
  13. lol hahaha:hello:

    tommy boy was the shit.

    actully almost every movie he did was cool
  14. yeah i dont remember anything from last night and somehow i took 7mg when my limit was supposed to be 3 lol.
    good vibes
    def a nice rec drug
    and even beetter for people who really suffer from anxiety
  15. you wont remember this thread
  16. Xanax....Sucks.... Or I guess my unlimited supply made me sick of it:wave:

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