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First time with edibles

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by KeepEmRollin, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. I joined about 2 days ago and I was inspired by you guys, so I tried my hand at edibles. I took about .7 of some noname dank and put it in some peanut-butter animal crackers. I then put that in the microwave for 2 minutes in total, I stopped for 10 seconds on every 30. It came out charred in the middle, I was worried. So I just gulped it down and laid in my bed watching SpaceBalls. On the hour and a half mark, I could barely move, It took me about five minutes to take a leak. My head was semi-clear, but the body high was like nothing else I have tried. Highly recommended. I am off to go smoke outta my new pen pipe I made :smoke: .
  2. Wait wait wait... are you saying, you ate raw weed? Like just put the bud straight up in your food? o_O
  3. No, no. He "cooked" it in the microwave.
    I would never recommend using a microwave to cook cannabis.
    I don't understand what it was cooked with, animal crackers?
  4. Hey new person.
    It's good to see you got some kind of effect - I'd have thought with how you'd described it, that you would have fucked it up, so despite the odds you did it.

    The best way to do this (less stinky too) is to pre-make your firecrackers.
    Also - use actual peanut butter, and crackers.
    Not peanut butter crackers.
    You can do peanut butter AND nutella - like one on either cracker, then "sandwich" them.
    Try a little spray oil on each side, THEN add your weed.
    Also, look up "decarbing" weed - makes it work better in edibles, and unless you have a vapouriser which kind've does it on it's own, it's something you might want to look into.
    Two crackers.
    PB on one
    Nutella on the other
    Spray oil on both
    Weed on both.
    Close 'em up.
    Foil wrap them.
    Cook them on a medium temperature for around 30 minutes. (someone will fill you in on the specifics I'm sure)
    Best if made the day before and left out overnight.

    Give that a go, at very least it'll be tastier.
  5. Sorry, forgot to put a ",". I used peanutbutter, vegi oil, and animal crackers. I might try the way you said, thanks for the input.

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