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  1. Hi everyone,

    I’m new to medical marijuana and am having some trouble finding the right beginner vaporizer. I’ve always used a glass spoon pipe but recently decided to look into vaporizing options. I’m looking for a portable style vaporizer to use with some flower. Something around $100-$150 (give or take) that’s somewhat user friendly, although I don’t really mind a bit of a learning curve. I usually smoke once or twice a day with like 3-4 draws at a time.

    I have been looking at the Wulf Vape LX and the Arizer solo and would appreciate any input you guys have on them. Have you had any positive or negative experiences with them? Any vaporizer that might fit the bill better?

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  2. I have the Solo and I love it. I paid $130 at

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  3. Solo is awesome. Wife and I have been using it nearly every day for 2 years. Recently picked up a Pax 2 and still like the solo better.

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  4. Arizer Solo is awesome. If you want more portability the Arizer Air may be a choice. Check out puffitup dot com they have a deal on Air for 4/20.

    Tons of more vape info (as well as dedicated Solo and Air threads) is over at fuckcombustion
  5. Looks like the Solo is the way to go. Appreciate the help everyone.

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  6. BS99,

    I have the same username over at Fuckcombustion as here. Look me up over at FC if you are going to read the Solo thread (Almost 1460+ pages).

    No one expects you to read the thread. Just read the last 2-3 pages and feel free to ask your vape questions.

    You may find a used Solo over at the classified adds over at FC, but new ones are so inexpensive that some users have 2-3 Solos.

    Good luck. If you have any questions we are here (and there).
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  7. So i checked out the thread and am still reading through a bit of it but I do have few questions.

    1. I saw some people liked to use the mesh metal screens and some didn't see the need. I've always used the glass jack type for my glass piece, so I'm not to familiar with the metal kind. Have you ever needed them?

    2. On a different comment section (don't remember where) people were talking about after a few weeks of having the Solo it wouldn't recharge and the light keep blinking. Do you know if this is a common problem with the machine?

    3. I saw the Arizer solo on Ebay for around $130 and it says that it's the latest model, authorized seller, new w/ warranty and all that good stuff. But at online smokeshops they sell for a little bit more (closer towards $200). Do you think the Ebay ones could be legit? Just curious with the price difference.

    -Thanks in advance.
  8. I will attempt to answer in order of the questions:

    1. Screen use is optional. A lot depends on how fine you grind your material and how annoyed you would be by an occasional bit of plant matter in your mouth.

    2. The Solo Vape is one of the most used vapes in the world. I have had mine for 3 + years and besides glass breakage the only problem I had was the battery. I overcharged the battery until it would no longer hold a charge/ This battery replacement was after 2 years of daily use.

    3. I would suggest staying away from e-bay. The price may be a little less, but there are a lot of fakes floating around the internet.

    If you are in the USA I would suggest a Canadian Website so you can take advantage of the currency conversion. and come to mind.

    If you want from inside the USA use

    There are a lot of sales right now, so check around and ask here or over at Fuckcombustion for the seller's reputation before you give the place your $$.
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  9. The Toronto site looks like it's got a good sale price on it and I plan on placing the order tomorrow.

    I'm new to the site but it's nice to talk with people that know their stuff. I'll definitely join up over at Fuckcombustion too. I really appreciate it, thanks for all your help.
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  10. If you want something portable and cheap try the wooden VaporGenie its like 35 bux. It has a bit of a learning curve getting used to the piece but they are amazing!

    Edit: I also have an Arizer Extreme Q and it's pushing 4 years with no problems but it's not portable.

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