First time using Fox Farm nutes

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  1. I just recently purchased some fox farm nutes online. I got Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger bloom. this is my third indoor grow. the first was just any good cheap nutes i could get at walmart and the second grow was all organic tea mix. this time i wanted to try fox farms to see if the hype is all that is says to be. my plants are 8 days old from seed. i have 7 in a 3x3 grow tent with 400 watt mh in a homemade cool tube. the temperature usually stays between 78-84*. I am using organic soil and it ph's at 5.9-6.4. is it still too early to start fertilizing with this stuff or can i dilute the amount. most of the plants are around 3' tall.
  2. Waaaaaaay too early. You shouldn't be giving them nutes until they're at least 2 weeks old.
  3. this is a pic of what they look like for a reference of what im working with here

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  4. Listen to Mashiro. Too early. Wait a few weeks. Start at 1/4 strength, or less to start. Then you can work your way up from there. Most people use like half of what they recommend on the bottle. Some strains can handle full strength, and some can't. That's why I tell you to start small,and work your way up. Looking healthy so far though.
  5. alright well thanks for the information. yea they surprise me every grow gets a little better and better. trying to get it down to an art

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