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    I'm looking to purchase my first torch for dabbing it's called the iroda pt-550 has anyone tried this torch before? i was recommened the torch by my cousin who introduced me to dabbing he also sent me a video of it in action. It seems pretty good and has the same specs as a vector but being cheaper $56 vs $33 i am concerned about quality. So if anyone has used this specific torch before please share your feedback.


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  2. Go to Homegoods and look for the Bonjour Creme Brulee torch and save yourself some $$ on those overpriced torches. :smoke: 
  3. I've looked at that torch before and read some bad reviews on it. I mean I can spend $50 on a torch I just think if the iroda torch is the same as the vector and $20 cheaper than why spend extra
    I've had 0 issues with mine in the two years I've had it but to each their own. What ever works for you that you like, go with it :cool: 
  5. If you haven't had any problems then I  guess it wouldn't hurt to try it out. Does it come with a warranty?
  6. Comes with a lifetime warranty
  7. Creme Brulee from bed bath and beyond make sure to bring the 20% discount coupon.

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