First Time To Smoke :p

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  1. I hope this is the right place to talk about our stories and such :) so it's been my first time ever smoking weed and this was the most amazing thing ever. here's the story, settin and what not. there was a family party at my dads house and my entire immediate family was there. my cousin was there and he's pretty much a stoner, bringing weed almost everywhere he goes. so him, his girlfriend and I were in the kitchen and he brings up me talking to him about smoking (and he was pretty chill about me wanting to smoke and said sometime when he's free) and so he mentions he might have some with him. we go into the room he where he had his bag and he brings out this little wood thing and shows me this ceramic or something looking cigarette but it was like… you stuck it down into the wood thing and kind of did a scooping gesture and then pull it out and it's filled with pot. he asked me if I wanted to smoke now and in my mind I'm thinking Jesus that was quick. this was like the only time I've been peer pressured and whenever I'm being taught about it I'm thinking wow can't you just say no, boy was I wrong that is so persuasive. but I said no, lets wait until everyone is drunk. couple hours pass and he tells me he snuck a hit upstairs. hearing that I'm like OKAY they're drunk enough lez do dis. so we go upstairs into a bathroom across from my room and his girlfriend, himself, and I were squeezing into this small bathroom with the window open and he's like okay okay, slowly inhale with the blunt type thing in your mouth and then take it out and inhale really deep, and at the moment my heart was like skipping beats I was so nervous for no reason. so I tried once, completely failed, idk how to explain how I failed. we wait 4 minutes he's liek feel anything? I felt fine so we go back in the bathroom and try again, still nothing. we try a final time and he tells me "this will get you so messed up" and im thinking Jesus lord and savior please don't drug me or something :) I inhaled, took the blunt thing out and took the deepest breath ever, although that was amazing, I missed the window and now the bathroom is getting smelly. his girlfriend walked in and was like Damn that smells. so were flipping out and we have two fans in there and 3 candles flipping out like we were making a sacrifice or something. we went in my room and stayed there for ten minutes just chatting, and literally it was the best thing ever. we walked downstairs and my other cousin who is a girl and one year older than me gives me a dirty look so I start flippingg out because I thought she knew! she told my cousins girlfriend to come watch a video and its of someone doing a fake fart or something and I laughed. so. hard. I couldn't stop for 3 minutes and my cousins like face palmed because I made it so obvious. the three of us (cousin, his girlfriend, me) all went to a sunroom that is connected to my livin room and it was a really nice day out and wind was blowing through and it was the most amazing feeling ever. my step mom walked in and thought I was high and she was just all "don't do it again here and I won't say a word" and I laughed my ass off for no reason. :) :) the next day in school I spent the whole day thinking OMG that was amazing, and my cousin texts me during school talking about how he ordered an awesome bowl and will get me some pot and well smoke up this weekend. long story short, pot is amazing!!!
    sorry for the long post, thought you'd enjoy it :)
    ps, anyone know what that ceramic cigarette thing might be called?
    :) :) :)
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  2. Congrats on your first time.

    Smoking weed is like sex, if you have a person you trust and knows what they're doing, the first time is always a bit awkward but unforgettable.
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    is this what you're talking about? 
    its just a one hitter, good for smoking small amounts of weed 
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    This is what I like about the world ... People can be just damn sweet n not know it ... Bro, you'll love finding n reading this post years later :)
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  5. ahh yes :)
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    Also, is this what you felt?
    "the most amazing, and, for lack of a better word, holy experience I've ever felt happened.

    I started feeling like I was being tickled very lightly all over my body. From head to tow, a tingling. This evolved from the slight tingling to slight pressure. It felt as if thousands of fingers were pushing on every fabric of my body. Arms, head, stomach, and the lower extremities (legs…yes, I speak of legs). This felt amazing, so amazing I couldn't help but giggle. Minor giggling, not just out of the blue, but meaningful giggling from the feeling of tiny fingers poking me over my body."  He only took 3 hits of dank from a bong. After this feeling, he said electricity flowed through him. I really want to get this high again someday.
    It's weird too, I got nervous before smoking when I first started, it was like my body knew it was going to experience something amazing and was preparing itself.
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  8. First time is definitely unforgettable no matter how baked you get its definitely a different type of high. For me it was like much more of a body high at first and i felt tingly and very relaxed but didnt know how to express it. I can tell you really enjoyed your first time and thats really important because weed wont quite ever be the same again.

    But its still fucking awesome  :bongin:  toke up my brother
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  9. wow really similar especially to how many hits and the weight!
  10. ^^ Mine was similar to it too, but might have been more intense if I smoked some good dank instead ;)
    Pretty intense. And was stoned as fuck for 2 hours before it came down noticeably. High 3 hours after that, then buzzed/burnt out for the rest of the day (wake & bake)
  11. My first times was actually quite horrible, but now its amazing, whenever I'm high the world looks so amazing and beautiful.
  12. 💩
  13. And a stoner was born...
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  14. That sounds like a good first time, a lot of people don't even really get into it the first attempt. Either way it sounds like he had a wooden "Dugout" with a bat style "one-hitter" chillum pipe. I'm gonna assume nobody questioned the smell and candles and such? Haha...
    :smoking:  :cool:
  15. Dugout FTW! I carry mine everywhere. So discrete, I have even lit up within shouting distance of the cops and didn't even get a second look. Just check the wind first haha!
    Glad you had a good time with it, and welcome to the club!
  16. haha thanks and yeah it's pretty discreet looking.
  17. my dad got kind of suspicious but didnt assume anything :) :) lucky me huh lol
  18. I'm glad you enjoyed it :smoke: welcome to the club!
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