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  1. im realy bored so does anyone wanna share there first weed expeirence??
  2. I dont know how people would remember their first time getting high.

    I can barely remember what I did this morning when I was high.
  3. ^Woah, man.

    My first time I went under this tree at a park that pretty much conceals you completely and blazed outta the pipe I'd made. Then we walked to this girl's house and all the colours were crazy as fuck. We knock, she opens and we BS for a bit. Then her little sister comes to the open window on a wall perpendicular to the door and starts bouncing up and down saying, "Whore! Whore! Whore! Whore!", over and over again. So we laughed our asses off about that (it was fucked up though) and then we went and smoked some more IIRC. By this time it was dark and we were just chilling on the swings at that park, lightin' up. My buddy was swinging beside me and I could've sworn it was a dog running past the first time. Anyway we left and walked around a bit while I tried to talk but couldn't get past the first few words before I forgot what I was saying. I know I complained of the cold a lot though. It was chilly as fuck out. Then I think I walked home because I was late already.
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    it was about my 8th time smoking until i actually got high. but boyyy was i rippedd.

    i was a sophomore in high school at a big senior party and we only passed like 4 blunts between 8 heads, but i was completely baked.

    i remember sitting on the couch, and feeling how fast my heart was beating, and freaking out seriously thinking i might die. everything was extremely blurry and peoples voices sounded so crazy it was weird as fuck.
  5. My first time wasnt that great, but I know why.

    I was in 8th grade in my friend tyler's garage with my other best friend wes (it was his first time too), tyler's brother, and a guy named chris.
    I had never smoked anything ever in my life, not even cigarettes. But I went into this experience with 'high' hopes :D
    I dont remember what we smoked out of, pretty sure it was a shitty water bottle, but apparently I took a huge hit for my first time and everybody was kind of in awe. I took a few more hits and i didnt think i was going to get high (this was my second try by the way, the first time it didnt work). Well we decided to go out back, and right when i stood up I was like OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK.
    I have never gotten this effect since, but when i stood up it looked like everything was zooming in and out of my vision and everything was extremely surreal. I was blasted! We went out back and we started looking at the clouds and we discovered we can make the clouds look like anything we wanted it to. One looked exactly like an airplane, another like a horse.
    I was having the time of my life until tylers brother started going fucking crazy. I dont know what this guys problem was, he needs therapy or something. He's a crazy psychotic sadist bastard. But he walks inside the house and comes back out with a very realistic looking BB gun. By now im sure you can see where this is headed.
    He started pointing it at me and my friends like he was actually going to do it. By the way, he didnt smoke with us. I didnt think he would do it but i told him not to anyways. Well guess what? He pulled the trigger at Wes and it hit him in the chest. Tylers bro just let out this maniacal cackle that scared the shit out of me. I was damn near convinced this was Hitler reincarnated. He spent the next five minutes (it seemed, my sense of time was distorted of course) taunting us with it. Eventually he shot it at me and it hit me hard in the leg. Broke a little skin. This is when my trip took a turn for the worse. I couldnt control my high the whole time, so when i felt this crazy pain in my leg i concentrated on it and couldnt stop so it started hurting worse and worse and i had this weird sensation of the pain spreading all over my body. So i felt as if my entire body was engulfed in this demonic searing pain.
    I spent the rest of the trip laying down on a couch in tylers living room watching tv with the rest of them (tylers brother left somewhere). The pain slowly faded after while but it was still present.

    Wooooah, that was a lot longer than i intended it to be. Well needless to say, i didn't let that experience keep me away from cannibus, and my second time getting high was much better :smoking:

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