first time smoking?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pyroganja, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. okay so i started smoking awhile ago [just out of curiosity] how did everyone here start? [why?, with what device?, when?, all that crap...]
  2. my frist time was also out of curiosity. I read into it before hand though, and discovered it's nothing what they advertise it at school, tv, etc...

    So I was like hell, I'm ganna try this, it's not addictive, there are no permanent effects, why not?

    So i dropped by at a friends house, and he had the bowl all packed, took my first bowl, nothing.. Second nothing, didn't feel a thing. Third bowl, nothing, what the hell was going on? This crap is useless-BAM! it hit me, I was totally fucked up, and to be honest I was actually quite scared, and very paranoid. It was like a new world for me. I've never taken a sip of alcohol in my life, so this was the first time I was really "out of it"...

    I ended up throwing ice all over my friends house and kept repeating, "I don't give a fuck about anything!". Then I finished a whole box of ice-cream sandwiches, and fell asleep on my friends bed.

    To be honest, my first time was actually pretty scary, and I was extremely paranoid. My second time, I was in heaven, and had the time of my life! So don't give up if you don't enjoy it your first time.
  3. The first time I smoked was when I was 15, I was at my older brother's house, and he was sparking a blunt. So he goes, "Do you wanna get down on this?" I was like are you serious? He says, "Yup" and then it began. first we sparked a blunt of some serious B-52, ripped that shit, then we threw the roach in he 3ft RooR with ashcatcher and perc. We got ripped. Actually the highest I've ever been. Lol then I munched out, And went on an L.
  4. my first time was when i was maybe 14. i met up with some bros and we bounced underneath this bridge and they started packn a bowl. they handed it toward me and ive never been the same since.
  5. high school football game, ninth grade... i'm nothing if not all-american :wave:
  6. for me 8th grade summer, me and two friends in a tree house and we used a beer can for the bowl, than made a joint out of a dollar bill, so harsh, i was a n00b:D
  7. yes..all fucking american man haha, nice
  8. hahah a joint out of a dollar bill...thats funny. my first time smoking was in 9th grade at bording school durring study hall (9pm) and me and this other kid went down to the river and smoked out of a arizona tea can. ha
  9. Damn, I started when I was 12. I was living in Newark, With some 14 year olds. I told them I didn't smoke, But was always curious on what it was like. They handed me a blunt of some nice shit ( That's what I was told). They said, "Now inhale the smoke, and inhale air so it get's into your lungs. " I did, And took about 3 nice drags.

    Then the coughing started, and everyone laughed, and I was embarassed. Next thing I knew, I felt a warming sensation, and things began to "melt" and I felt "presurized".

    I saw The world as I knew it, But with an interesting hint. Textures and colors, more vibrant than I had ever seen or noticed. I was so happy, and then I saw the fire hydrant. I laughed so hard, I thought I would die. An amazing time.
  10. My first time smoking was out in the woods with my 2 best friends. We found a spot overlooking a small creek and threw down our backpacks (we came prepared). We spread out a blanket, played some Dispatch, and relaxed while my friend packed a bowl in his hammer style bubbler. They had both toked before, and seeing as it was my first time they generously gave me greens. I didnt feel anything immediatly but as i took my third hit, it hit me like a ton of bricks. The sun pouring through the trees onto the small creek was just so breath taking. Honestly one of the best moments in my life... anywho we ended up smoking about an eighth and basked in the sun while chatting and just enjoying life for about 6 hours (probably stayed that long because i was too stoned to walk haha). Sorry for the long read, but i wanted to get everything across to ya
  11. My first time was summer vacation when I was 13 years old. It was me 2 of my freinds, and these two girls. It was late at night in my backyard so we sparked up. It was a blunt of reg.:)
  12. well the first time i smoked wit my friend he packed in some kief...

    idk how hard it hit everyone else on their first time but holy crap...

  13. idk what you mean by hitting you hard... every time i took a step the grass under my feet would move way farther away than i thought, quite a hilarious challenge... like that? :p
  14. Smoked 2 blunts with my cousin and her friend, I was 12 or 13 at the time. I remember one guy asking me "You feelin it?" and I just asked myself "Do I feel normal?" and......and then I started geekin out....really hard.

    I get so confused when people say they didn't get high the first time they smoked. I got fuckin stnoed.:smoke:
  15. I was 15 i think, and I was with my cousin and i been drinking since 13 *which i no longer do n e more, after drinkin a fifth of vodka n discorvering the evil of alcohol*. So by 15 i was an alcoholic n i had a water bottle filled with grey goose on me at bout all times. SO through the night i was chuggin on it with my older cousins, then she went to some guys house n i was drunk out my mind, n "somehow" she got some free weed *just for the record she got it n a way i would never eva eva do, i jack somebody before that*. Then later on, she rolled it up, and while they was rolling i down two ice house, *alcohol is easy to drink when u already drunk*. So then they gave it to me and i took a few hits, and i said i feel fine, n before i got that sentence out i was laughing hard as fuck, i remember tryin to ask her if she sure she can drive to mickey d's, cause we been drinkin all night too. after that i remember gettin on top of a car, breakin some beer bottles, screamin at the people at mcdonalds and thats pretty much it.
  16. my first time smoking was nothing spectacular. I was curious, and smoked a J on the porch of this abandoned house with a couple friends.
    The first time I got high however was crazy. I was actually scared/paranoid for a while because I wasn't really sure how long the effects would last. The second time I got high I liked it a lot more, because I had more of a feel for it.
  17. Really I don't know, this kid who's been my friend for years I just went up and sat next to him, he showed me a pack of cigs and I was like cool, he was like "you smoke weed?" I said yeah, but I didn't, so he asked me to come chill with him and a few people, we smoked a few joints and thats how it began.

  18. Haha, Dispatch, I love listening to them while smoking man :hello:
  19. I actually have three 'first high' stories BUT..the first time i ever smoked i went with my neighbor to his buddies place and we smoked a ton out of a homemade water bong and i didnt get high AT ALL and i could tell they were. it sucked.

    the next time i smoked me and a friend were going to my buddies house to watch the first PITTSBURGH PENGUINS game of the season (god do i love that team...) and went to a park before hand to smoke. i thought ah this is no problem it really doesnt fuck you up much...WRONG!! we smoked 2 bowls and a J and we were on the way to my friends house in the car and i started chewin some thing i knew my toungue felt bigger than the whole car, i remember feeling every taste bud in my mouth and i could feel the hair on my arms growing haha i was only freaked out for like 3 seconds then i was like wait, this is the greatest thing ever lol. well ive already rambled way too much so ill leave out the details but basically i laughed my fuckin ass off while watching the game while everyone else was fine haha kinda sucked but i had a blast...

    2nd 'first high' ---> i smoked a little here and there for about a year after that but never got quite that high again til one day
    we were in my friends car, i was in the back seat, him and a friend up front and we smoked a couple joints. it had been about 3 months since i last smoked...i expected the usual high but got much more (it was the friend of a friends weed and i was told it was potent stuff). we were on a really really bumpy road and it got to the point where it got so rough i said to my friend 'what the fuck are you doing??' and thats when i looked up and realized it was a regular road lol i litreally felt myself like bouncing and shit. when we parked the car and they got out and started walking to my friends house i remember thinking there was no way i could walk, and i barely could haha i had to focus on every step. in his house i had major cottonmouth but just wanted chips so i pounded tostitos which with my mouth which had never been so dry in my life, i cut up my mouth a lot actually...

    3rd 'first high' (highest high of my life)
    same friend as second high, same friend of a friend and only the 2nd time i ever met him. he showed me what he brought (previously i didnt see it) and to this day it was the best looking stuff ive ever seen (not too much great stuff here though). we smoked 2 joints on the roof of his dorm hall and on the way back down the stairs i got what was my 2nd of 2 laughing fits ive had in my life after smoking. i knew i was fucked up and just told them 'you guys go ahead' and i just sat down for a minute and laughed my ass off. the next few hours were amazing lol.

    in conclusion, i wrote way too much, im up way too late (6AM) cause i couldnt sleep without smoking and im out of bud, and please cross your fingers for me in hope that i can find some ASAP (by noon would be great :D)

    happy toking everyone!
  20. my trouser button came undone the first time i smoked, and i tried to say "my button came undone" but i couldent get it out for like 1/2 an hour cos i was laghing 2 much.

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