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First time smoking weed and college

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dreezy69, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I want try smoking weed for the first time. I will be going to college my first year and I heard it has many benefits. The main thing Im worried about is that I will start smoking it and instead of going to my classes I will just want to blaze therefore fuking up my future.

    Any tips on dealing with this new substance while in college...will it help me improve grades ...what should I do and not do?

    Im such a noob lolz
  2. Just try to fit smoking into your leisure time man. Get work done and then smoke, bro. And remember always goto classes... damn what a waste of money if not.
  3. So use it kind of as a reward after getting shit done?
  4. Well yeah that's the idealistic way to be successful. I smoked weed every single day through high school using this system
  5. I heard it helps u in classes such as english where u have to write essays...your mind flows more freely...any experience with that???
  6. Um personally I can't read for shit while high, and i think too much when i try to write essays high. But when you're buzzed yes it does help.
  7. Mate but in my collage days I'd skip so many classes just to blaze up, and let me tell you something there was nothing more boss than a kid who always had over an ounce on him
  8. Not everyone will work better in class (whether it be creative or knowledge based) when high, or even stoned, but it's worth a shot. I'm gonna try getting high before going to a uni class this semester, only thing I'm scared of is all the staring, judgemental eyes, ha-ha-ha-ha
  9. Smoking in college is fun, and you'll always find people smoking around or on campus.

    Since you're new, I'll advise to start slow. Smoke only when you have everything done (homework, readings, classes, and gym if you go).

    Don't smoke in the dorms, and find someone experienced to show you the rope.

    Some people can function fine in class. I know I can for example, but some of my friends I know won't be able to. Some people find it taps into their creativity side, so thus, they would do homework high, go to a certain class high, while being sober for another, etc.

    You just have to find your flow.
  10. Sooo I get it then..theres not way to tell what will happen to you until you do it cuz everybody is different rite? and how long will it take to get it out of your system like for drug tests and shizz?
  11. that post sums it all up pretty well.

    My advice is that as your just starting to smoke, make sure you only do it after your done everything you need to do. You likely wont be doing anything productive while high until you have been smoking regularly.

    College is great, im going into my 2nd year now and i guarantee that you'll have a great time.

    Oh and when your smoking never swallow the smoke, just inhale as you would air but hold it in for a couple seconds.

    edit - for drug tests theres a bunch of threads on it but the jist of it is that it takes about a month to get it all out of your system for a piss test.
  12. #13 Lulla, Aug 15, 2012
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2012
    My best advice is be extremely open-minded about it. The school system and media completely fabricates lies about it, and that's the truth. I saw they've diluted the truth even from you when you asked if it would make you skip class. I wouldn't be the first here to tell you that marijuana increases interest in learning and school, so with the right mindset it can be very beneficial to your education. I just read a thread on this site about a guy who is about to enter a very prestigious graduate school for medicine, and the dude has smoked continuously throughout the day his whole college career. You don't have to take it that far, lol, but I think that says something at least.

    When you toke, don't think about anything but the current situation and not what you've been brought up to believe about it. In contrast to some responses here, I'd advise against using it as a "reward." In my opinion, that's how problems could get started. Just do it when it feels right.

    Good luck, man.... and report back to us soon!
  13. Get work done first then smoke.
  14. I started toking right around a stressful year of high school for me and was able to deal just fine for a couple reasons:
    1. I didn't start smoking daily like I do now to begin with. Honestly it took me a while to start really loving weed, so just take it slow and smoke in time off on the weekends.
    2. Once you do start smoking more often, just don't do it in the place of important things man, be smart about it. I've always used it as a, "You did awesome today, now sit down and smoke a bowl." Plus the high is even better when you smoke it as a time off thing, and don't worry yourself about your classes and shit.
  15. I just use it when I'm bored (as in, I have nothing better to do) and in the evening relaxing before bed. It's all about priorities. It's like any enjoyable activity in life.
  16. Bro you probably shouldn't have skipped so many classes.

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