First Time Smoking Dank

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GreenTheGiant, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Recently i came across a dealer of mine who had some Dumpster. Now this was the strain i had way back in the day for the first time i smoked dank. So i bought an eighth of it. The smell, taste and look of the bud bring back fond memories and i actually feel as high as i used to get. Do any of you blades have a nostalgic strain? If so tell me the story of the first time u smoked dank
  2. California Kush. Brings me back to being a teenager, getting around town on a bicycle, smoking on train tracks and in skate parks. Bad, but somehow good times.
  3. Sour diesel. I remember being like 16 or 17 hanging out with an old friend in his neighborhood like we did every weekend and our dealer told us he had something special for us and to be careful. He stepped out of his house and handed me some shit that was in a sealed plastic bag that had been burned shut and i could still smell the bud clearly through the bag.

    I got it and for some reason i couldn't smoke it with my buddy and i had to go home. Later that night another friend came over but this kid was annoying as fuck so i just waited for him to fall asleep, i remembered i had the bud so i rolled a small bit of it up into a joint just to test it.

    I snuck outside onto my front porch and lit that fucker up. halfway through i had to put it out cause i thought my mother was going to wake up. I went back into my room and layed in my recliner and realized How Fucking HIGH i was, i was BAKED. i passed out like 5 minutes later and woke up 5 hours later to my new favorite strain lol.
  4. Ha love the stories so far. First time for me was in 9th grade. I went to my buddies house after school with another friend. This kid had some of that dumpster and literally it smelled like baby diapers ( in a good way lol). So we pack up his little sherlock and smoke 2 bowls on his balcony over looking the city street. I took 2 hits and was the most relaxed id ever been. We then went inside and made subs and watched Trabsformers on BluRay. I remember being so into the movie like i was emotionally invested in all the characters. Ha no lie i shed a tear when they got Optimus i was so high and BluRay looks so real. Damn i wish i was 15 again lol

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