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Discussion in 'General' started by frequent flyer, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. hey all,
    decided to try somethin new so i got some shroomies. my friends have all told me that im stupid and will have a bad trip. but i think its worth the risk to see what its like. anyone have any advice as to:
    how much to eat at a time
    what kind of surroundings to be in
    who to be with
    and how long i should expect it to last
  2. ok first of all make sure you do it with experianced people! My brother in law once done it with somebody stupid and they tryed to put him under water by the pool and he started freaking out big cause he thought he was going to die ...

    secondly dont take alot at a time if you think you didnt eat enough your probably wrong! it takes a bit and lasts for more then 8 hours

    make sure your with experianced people and no you wont get a bad trip , shrooms give awesome illusions so you wont get a bad trip as long as you are a calm person if your the type that would freak out if you seen maggets and teranchlas on your skin then dont do it it happens sometimes you get a bad thought then it becomes real ... do not be afraid keep telling ur self ur in control and have fun with it ... take adventures pretend your on a space ship, pretend your in the movie ur watching its a real blast if you get good shit ... and watch out for those tie down clowns coming out of the walls, lol
  3. First of all, how much shrooms did you get? It's very rare to have a bad trip the first time, and bad trips are even less common on shrooms. 8 hours? For me it usually last around 5 hours..hmmm..what else..potency determines this more, but usually take about half an 1/8 your first time, and chew them for awhile, it makes them last longer and kick in quicker. It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to a little over an hour to kick in, but I've heard of it taking as long as 2 hours to take effect. Be in an environment you're comfortable in, i.e. your own house. Last but not least....come on now, are you really going to do shrooms alone? Your first time?? It's not so much being with someone experienced that's good, but shrooms are a social drug. It's just not something you do alone like you can with bud. Much more fun with people around. Having said that, shrooms are a very fun thing.
  4. i just recently did shrooms for the first time last weekend. the kind of got werre covered in chocolate (lol mmmm_ ) and masked the taste. i took it on an empty stomach and i could feel the effects (though i didnt really know this because it is a diffrent feeling from weed which is the other other psychoactive i have done and i was thinking that it might be placebo IT WASNT) any way to not make this all drawn out it really kicked in after 40 minuts and i went out rode around and chilled at this guys house, and above everything else had a kick ass time! i would reccomend asking someone more experienced for the doses because mine was kind of sketcy to dose with the chocolate and all, and just be around people u like and just dont worry about anything and HAVE FUCKING FUN!!!
  5. Shrooms are such a wonderful drug, don't let your ignorant friends disuade you from trying it at least once.

    For the best experience possible I suggest doing shrooms outside in a very confortable environment or indoors in somewhere you're confortable. Make sure you have some food in your stomach because shrooms can give you an upset stomach.

    Surround yourself with people you like and trust. Make sure there is at least one person around you that isn't tripping because if everyone is on shrooms you can give each other bad ideas.

    Try to start out your trip by talking about positive and/or funny things that will keep your trip positive. The last time I took shrooms we watched Dave Chapelle and Beavis and Butthead episodes and they were great for a laugh whenever I didn't want to stare at stuff.
  6. i've been considering getting some shrooms lately, are they much more expensive than Mary? I have limited funds due to collage and all....
  7. how easy are shrooms to grow?
  8. Ok, I wouldn't get chocolates unless you know who your getting them from, alot of times they wont be as potent. I ate an eighth the first time and didnt have a bad trip at all. I would not reccomend eating on an empty stomach because it can make you nauseous, but weed will fix that, definitely have a good amount of weed around to smoke. And chew up the shrooms very good in your mouth before you swallow, that helps on your stomach and makes it kick in faster. But most of all just chill and have fun you are in control.
  9. shrooms around here are cheaper than weed, 30$ for an eighth and an eighth is good for 1 nice trip or 2 decent ones. As for having weed to smoke, that is definitely a good idea, you can take such huge rips when ur trippin

  10. depends on how you look at it. Shroom are cheaper in terms of weight, but per high, shrooms are much more expensive. Usually 1/8($35) will do it good for two people, that's just my experience.

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