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  1. ok so i have the whole basement to myself and i have 2 ideas where i can grow... btw these ideas arent the best planned out and im only growing maybe 3 plants at the max all for personal use
    1 my laundry room, so my house isnt very good its actually a peice of shit and the basement isnt heated and the only heater i have is a shitty old one an it triples the electricity bill .. airflow isnt that good either but im sure a few fans could do it... for lights im planning on getting hanging cfls... if anyone could help me with this setup im clueless what i need to do..
    2 unfinished room beside the laundry room, again heating isnt that good but for this i was planning on making a cheap grow box 
    plans--> - small plastic box tub with top soil an perlite
    -hanging cfls low wattage 
    -cheap pc fans or something else
    -something for the exhaust i need help with this
    -aluminum foil for the inside of the box
    -regular water idk if i should use tap water or something else... no nutes though
    thats basically it im leanin towards laundry room if possible for the first couple grows then i plan on making a good box.. please help any tips are appreciated:) thats basically my 2 ideas for my personal grow

  2. Hey. Welcome to growing and all the choices that go with it. Sounds like you have the perfect potential places to start.

    My advice would be make your self a cab to go into one of those places. Id probs go with the room with the most average temp. As far as foil is concerned its a no no. It makes hotspots and isnt that good at doing what you think it will. Reflection. Paint the inside of your cab flat white. Its somthing like 90% reflective.

    Ventilation. Obviously is very important. I see your wanting to use cfls. Well they dont put out much heat so your not going to need anything big. Somthing like a pc fan attached to a small carbon filter.

    Lighting. You need as much light as you can possibly get in the space you plan to use. Skimping out here will cost you bud. Cfls, leds, Hids are all a good choice.

    What are your thoughts.

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  3. thanks:) really apreciate it. definetly switching to the paint... and i plan on using a citrus jar with melons an oranges, i dont have alot of money is it possible to not have a filter an just have a bunch of jars around?

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