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first time questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by htownhigh, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. So I bought a 20 sack from a friend and I made a homemade bong, took like 3 or 4 hits And didn't feel anything. So a few days later I went to chill with this guy, once again made a homemade bong and I smoked most of a bowl and took two hits from his pipe. I didn't really feel anything but he said he was high. Am I doing something wrong? When should I start actually getting high? Would I Definately get high if put the rest of my weed (a gram or two) into a firecracker? (I would have to use the method of letting it sit in the peanut butter for a period of time, as I can't cook due to smell). :confused:
  2. well your first mistake is not smoking dank... no but seriously its different for everyone some people get ripped their first time (me) but a lot of people dont even get high till their 5th time smoking :/

    dank would help since its higher quality and tastes better (the taste doesnt help you get higher of course its just nice.)

    also dont waste it all in one bowl, if you dont get high off of it you just wasted it all. just keep smoking small amounts, since you're a newb it wont take much to get you high. also if that large amount does get you high you will likely green out and not enjoy it at all.
  3. Yeah deff dont put that much in a firecracker if your new to it
  4. Many people (including me) doesn't really get high the first few times they're smoking. Be sure to smoke some good quality weed, and also be sure to inhale down your lungs and not your mouth. So many beginners doesn't get that it needs to get down your lungs to work.
  5. Thc is heat activated, you can't let it just sit in a fire cracker and expect it to work.
  6. Took me 4 tries to get high for the first time, you're probably not inhaling right, how I learned was after you finish your hit take your mouth away and keep sucking in air till the smoke goes to your lungs. Then you will be high.
  7. Yeah as people are saying, make sure your inhaling as deep as you can and then exhale.
    Also it might help if you exhale through your nose.
    Sounds silly I know but apparently it helps you get stoned, something to do with the mucous glands.
  8. smoke from a bong/ bubbler

    im pretty sure youll get baked...

    unless ur inhaling wrong ?

  9. That actually does work, the oil absorbs the THC I believe.

    As for the actual reply. I didn't get high until around my 5th smoking. And when I did, I got super high :smoke:
  10. Took me like 5-6 times to get high, maybe your'e not inhaling right remember you got to take a hit then take some air in then hold for like 5 seconds then exhale, but also i'm sure i inhaled right first few times but it still took me about 5-6 times to get high, also a tip is do not smoke to much because you might get to high and feel uncomfortable and you may green out which might put you off smoking again.

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