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  1. I have 6 females all close together(bout 2-3 inches apart) All between 12"-24". The stems seem to have Purple on them(the strain type?) but anyway on all of them there first nod of leaves are yellow but the rest of the plant is nice and healthy. could this be nutrient burn? or a deffeciency? I checked the ph of the soil and it is a brilliant 7.5-7.
  2. From what I have been told you want your ph between 6.5 and 7 during veg, and as low as 6 during flower. I was also told that ph determines your plants ability to feed.

    I also read that yellow leaves were a sign of nitrogen deficiency.

    I'm a newbie, just putting out what I heard. I do not claim it to be science. Hopefully one of the pros will chime in.
  3. thanks anyway. now just to figure out where to get nitrogen
  4. oh yeah and they're getting 14hrs of light outside. does that mean there still in veg even tho the summer solstice has passed? I think this may be a P and N deficiency.
  5. They are in veg until you start seeing the beginnings of pre-flower. Bunches of hairs on the places where bud nodes would be.

    One of the best methods I have heard for getting nitrogen in is to fertilize with a 20:1 water to urine ratio. I know it sounds wierd, but google it.
  6. Urine will give you all three N, P, and K
  7. wow thank you very much. I am starting to see hairs on nodes but I thought that just showed sex
  8. Sexing is just a couple hairs, trust me you'll notice the difference, they will start looking like thin cotton balls.

    Here is a pic of a white widow in preflower. See the white balls on the tips?

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  9. yeah mine looks nothing like that
  10. I just went to google and mine are just starting preflowering from what I can tell. some have tiny leaves coming from nods
  11. the pic shows all of them, purple stem, dead yellow leaves coming from the bottom, and pre flowering leaves coming from nods

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  12. Damn burner that white widow is lookin good! I'm also growing green house strains. I've got kalashnikova, pure kush, and himalaya gold. I'm gonna be posting pics soon.
  13. sweet are they big?
  14. Awesome, Ill post some pics of the Blueberry, Bubba Kush, LA Confidential, Dutch Dragon, Pineapple Express, and most of all, the Pandora Autoflower that is almost ready.....Amazing plant......less than 90 days seed to harvest with a yeild of 2-4 ounces. I cant wait to try it!!!!!!

    For my first grow, I am seeing two things..........1. I dont expect to have to buy any meds for a while...........and 2. This stuff is a weed, it doesnt take a scientist to grow it, but it takes some loving care to make it good!!!!!
  15. That was a buddies widow from last year........the pics I posted at the beginning of this thread are of my widows, already 12 feet tall (15 if you count the pullover I did) and more importantly to me, they are 10-12 feet around as well with tons of branching. Gonna take a lot of water very soon!!!!!!!!
  16. Wow it's sounds like you've got some nice strains going! It will be nice to have such a wide variety to smoke on. As far as the 15' plant, that's awesome! You're talking pounds of dank off of that one! Yeah my plants two weeks ago were only like 3-4 foot tall. I couldnt start indoor so I germinated them and just stuck em in the ground and prayed the next week when I went to check on them. I've got 30 plants so I would hope I got a decent yield.
  17. The yellowing could be from over watering since the dead leaves are coming from the bottom the rule of thumb with weed is that it's a WEED and likes to be treated like so over caring for the plants is one of the top killers on weed plants that's why you see so many problems on here with people having burns, bugs and what not may I ask how many times you water a week?
  18. Mega, I'm not having this issue and I give my ladies between 4-5 gallons of water every other day. Keep in mind, we are in a 14 hour light cycle right now and it's been 80-90 degrees outside.

    Also, I am feeding with every water. Right now it's 1/4 tsp foxfarms open sesame per gallon of water.

    This is my first grow, but so far this method is working like a champ.
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    Ok I was just putting what I know it I work at a nursery and i went to school for horticulture the signs are there for over watering but your the 4-5 gallons every there day seems steap cannabis is a herbaceous plant so it hold a good amount of water in it's stalk and stems I would cut back a day if the plants are still yellowing just from a professional point of view but if it's working don't change it! But besides the yellowing there plants look great!
  20. Those are pretty small. I have 18 that are 4 to 10 feet tall. I have to tied them
    All open they are huge. I don't know why it won't load my pics. I wish i Coukd show them

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