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  1. We recently bought some clones from a local dispensary. They were started indoor, but we have planted them outdoor in organic soil. We used a light solution of Diamond Nectar and water in a spray. The leaves have started fading. They're not exactly yellow, but they don't look healthy. We have seven plants. All but one have started this discoloration. Here are some pictures:


    Top View - Trainwreck


    Side View - Trainwreck


    Close Up Leaf - Trainwreck


    Top View - P91/Kush


    Close Up Leaf - P91/Kush


    Sensi Star - This one looks healthy to us.


    Ogre - This one looks pretty healthy too, but the bottom leaves are starting to discolor like the others.

    If anyone has any suggestions that can help us out, we'd really appreciate it! Thanks!!
  2. Hmm, could be a reaction to the Diamond Nectar(is that a plant food?). You should check back with the dispensary and see what they were using for nutes. How many hours of light are they getting each day? Have you checked PH?

    I dunno what's wrong with 'em as I'm a beginner myself, but answering the above questions will make it easier for a more experienced grower to assist you.

    Good luck man, start a grow journal so we can keep up with your progress. I hope your plants recover.

    Edit: oh yeah, and welcome to the board.
  3. this is my guess.

    i think your nutrient burning it and if not so did you repotted them? cause they go through a shock sometimes especially when the roots isn't dugged into the dirt. but if your are nutrient burning it i suggest you start trimming the leaves asap especially the bottom one cuase it ll spread as i heard.
  4. Thanks grand and X lets see they get 12 hours of sunlight,they came in a rockwool cube that we planted using a organic soil,about to go get a tester so i can see what the ph is.Also if i was to trim the leafs like you said X how would i go about doing this.Cut the fan leafs at the base?

    thanks for the welcome aboard shot GrandDaddy

  5. frm the way ur leaves r drooping the problem is definatley over watering, or underwatering, ive heard its okay to let ur plants dry out for a day it promotes root growth, the last thing you want to do is overwater, but by the leaves drooping i think ur plants is tellin u it doesnt need as much water as ur giving it.

    good luck
  6. on ogre dont worry about the bottom leaves at this stage they usually do tend to dicolor and fall of dont worry, it looks healthy as for the first too like i said before i think its a watering issue.

    good luck again.:smoke:

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