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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Jeremysy, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. Started my first outdoor grow 2 weeks ago. Used 3 autoflowering Moby Dick seeds and 1 feminized white widow seed that came free with my order from True North Seed bank . They all germinated fine but I forgot to mark which was white widow.

    The issue I’m having is that one of the seedlings hasn’t grown at the same pace as the others since I planted them. The seedling that’s in the pot second from the bottom in the pic that shows 4 plants isn’t growing as quick as the others. In the close up picture it’s hard to tell but it’s starting to turn yellow and looks like some bug took a bite out of one of its leaves. PH level in that pot is just under 7. Should I give up on her or is there something I can do to save it? My guess is that it’s the white widow seed because all the other ones behaved the same from the beginning. 4EE5E0A7-5850-48F6-93FD-5BF9DFFB4721.jpeg 4EE5E0A7-5850-48F6-93FD-5BF9DFFB4721.jpeg 0C36AA7E-F9DD-41A5-9726-8BE7E60861AB.jpeg

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  2. How often do u water? Describe u grow for us! Looks over watered. Need to know soil nutes pH all the good stuff

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  3. I used a Pro-Mix Organic Vegetable and Herb soil that I bought at Canadian Tire. The PH level is just under 7 and it’s an outdoor grow and rained yesterday so my soil reader is showing moist but not excessively wet.
  4. they look way to wet.

    why did you only fill up the pots half way?

    I wouldnt trust a soil meter personally, especially not a cheap one from crappy tire
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  5. I'd recommend raising them off the ground. You'll get fewer bugs and they'll drain better.

    Keep lifting the posts every day and you'll soon get to know the weight and whether it's dry or wet..

    And like JKill mentioned, put more soil in those pots. At least the top one. Just be very carefull removing the seedlings when you do. Fold the sides of your pots down to make it easier.

    EDIT: Oh shit, just realized this was from last year. :roflmao: How'd the grow go?
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  6. o_O

    how the ...


    well.... god damn
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  7. Next time try putting the autos directly in the ground or large pot. They don’t like being transplanted very much.

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