First time needing to pass a pre employment drug test. HELP

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by CaliGirl951, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Ok so i started smoking again. Like 2 to 3 months.Dabs sometimes. Sometimes 2 times a day for a few months. I randomly got a job interview for a really good company that i thought i was never ging to get and seems like they like me. My old boss recommended me the position and interview went so good. Long story short i smoked yesterday and i might get a call for a pre employment drug test within the next day or 2 . Maybe today. I tried certo as backup and practiced with the water, gatorade, b pills... DIDNT WORK! i have a friend who will piss for me but im so nervous because ive read so many different things and just dont know where to start. I practiced with the bottle im going to use and the temp is at 97.6 ish . Holds 4 oz and i stick it in my panties. Im just nervouse af that temp wont stay well or it will cool off fast after i pour it in the container. I really need this job. Any advice. After getting hired im planning on quiting . Please please please help . Im in florida as well so idk how the tests are set. Ive always been a drinker and now that i stopped that and smoked .. this happenzzz. Ughh

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