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  1. so I've got 9 seeds germinating now, i need to figure out what I'm gonna do with them now. I'm gonna do sort of a guerrilla outdoor grow but I'm thinking about making a grow box or something to get them started until it warms up a bit more. The problem is I dont really have much idea of what im doing. I'm thinking starting them off in solo cups in some type of grow box with either cfl or led lights, that's all I've got though. so what would i need in a grow box to grow 9 (or less) plants for about a month and a half? i might also just do 2 grow boxes if i have a hard time getting 9 in one. 
    so what type of lights would i need to look for?
    would i need to have fans and charcoal filters? would the plants actually smell at a month and a half?
    also what could i use to make a grow a box?
    Apparently I've thrown out all my spare pc cases but i do know of a server case for sale that's about 18 x 9 x 26 inches that i might be tempted to buy and i could make it look pretty inconspicuous sitting behind my entertainment center.

  2. I was going to suggest a few small CFLs to start them off but if you want to veg them for a month and a half they could be 3-4 foot tall by then. You're probably better off buying a cheap tent because you will need a descent bit of room. 9 six week old plants would take up a lot of room
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    Look what I just got :)
    One thing I just thought of its that if I stand this up on the back it's 26 inches tall... Not bad
    although now that im stripping it out I'm drowning in parts... damn
    also how many plants you think i could fit in this? interior dimensions are 8.5x25x16.5 inches
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  4. On the front of the case it has some type of removable thing which I'm thinking would be perfect for exhaust fans and a charcoal filter

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  5. For 6 weeks? None, or maybe one but it would have to be stunted somehow. 2 foot of height take away light fixture and gap underneath, and a pot you are talking at most 1 foot of plant height. 1 plant would fill this in 3-4 weeks. How come you want to veg them indoors for 6 weeks?
  6. well I just dont think it will be warm enough for them to be ok until about mid may. you think they would be ok for a month? im willing to settle for just a few plants if i have to, it's not like i smoke much
  7. Why not get a bigger grow space so you won't have to worry?

    You can grow a plant in that case but only one really, and you would need to do some heavy training and also would need to flower straight away, or use an auto. The small pot would also stunt growth. It can be done, but if you are planning to grow outside you won't want any of that.
  8. I suppose you could top every node so you double your growing shoots every time. This would significantly slow the height down and it would still grow very well outside. Probably still only get the one in there though. Maybe 2 if you dropped it down to 4 weeks
  9. I'm confused, i know I'm not the first person to grow weed in a computer and I'm using one that is at least significantly longer and wider than most. also stealth matters for me, a grow tent is great idea if you can have a grow tent without people asking questions... i can't. but when people see this "oh thats just an old server i use for rendering" 
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    You maybe the first person to plan to veg for a month and a half in one though. Most people when growing in a pc case flower straight away or grow an auto. And even then they still have to LST or ScrOG.

    You want to veg 9 plants for a month and a half, this would take up about a 2' x 2' area and about 4' in height
  11. so lets forget about 7 of those plants then and say i just wanna do a 2 plant micro grow, how would i go about that? with how little i smoke i feel like this would be enough anyways
    Last night i gutted the inside of the case except for the hard drive and cd drive bays which would be at the top. i could easily drill out the rivets for them also but I'm not sure how sturdy the case would be after that, and the front panel screws into the drive bays so i'd have to fix that. i also taped over all the holes on the inside of the case with electrical tape. to block out all light and make sure the exhaust fan is the only place air leaves the case. now if i sit this case upright i can have the intake at the bottom and the exhaust at the top but would that be the best layout? my only other option for having it standing up tall would be to have the intake at the top and the exhaust at the bottom which would be a pain to have a carbon filter and fan under the plants.
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    Quick pic of the case so far, you can see the hard drive and disk drive bays on the left. Probably gonna drill the rivets out and remove them to give us as much room as possible. Right now there is about 20" from the back of the case to the drive bays, I could maybe tuck the lights into the bays but would it be worth it?

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  13. Pull the hard drives to give you more room,
    go with as big of a pot you can fit that isn't too tall
    get 6 cfls or 1 or 2 large 100+ actual watts cfls and temp humidity gauge,
    also put exhaust at the top as heat rises
    Hope this helps. Good luck!
  14. thanks, got it all stripped out, tons of room now. lighting is my next obstacle, what type of bulbs do i need? im thinking of getting 2 of these and 2 of these but I cant seem to find any 50-100w bulbs anywhere. i think i've got my ventilation figured out too, im gonna go with 2 80mm fans side by side blowing through a carbon filter but that can wait a bit, i don't expect it to smell immediately. for pots i have all the room in the world, 18.5"x 8.5" so im thinking 2 pots about 7-8" wide and 4-5" deep maybe? or maybe 6"?
  15. You'll need some 6500k and some 2700k color spectrum for the bulbs, is there a Home Depot/Walmart in your area to look for bulbs, or you could just order them online if that's a option.
    I believe it's better to pull threw carbon filters then to blow out threw them if I remember correctly. Not sure why, I think it's so there's less air restriction or some shit like that.
    Also prolly go with the bigger size of those pots you said, maybe 8"w by 6"d would work good, maybe get away with smaller, not entirely sure on that one.
    Also what are you going to use for a growing medium? Soil, coco ect, just curious.
  16. I'm going out to look for lights tomorrow so ill see what i can come up with. would i be able to get way with just buying 1 type of bulb for now or will i need both right away? im probably just gonna go with regular soil, cause i have no idea what im doing and im on a budget and i imagine it would be cheapest.
  17. It's good to have a mix of color, I have 4 cfls like your gonna do and I have 2 2700k and 2 5000k as I couldn't find any 6500k, I found them all at walmart in packs of 4 or individual singles for lower watts like 14 watters
  18. Hey Craig, thats a nice sized server case you got there, should be able to grow 2 decent plants in there with plenty of lst and topping. For starters a single 50-60w 6400k cfl will be fine for a week or so (or 2 weaker ones). Then youd want to add some 2700k bulbs. Id recommend trying to get around 120-150w of cfl light in there eventually if possible although less is fine for the first few weeks or month. You need some 6400k as well as 2700k but once you have a bulb or 2 at 6400 concentrate on 2700's as they are better for bud development :) will subscribe, keep on updating

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    So are you planning to flower in this case too now? Or are you still planning to veg until the weather gets better?

    I would only have one plant if you are planning to do a full grow. One plant will fill that case fully and you will be fighting hard to keep the size down as it is
  20. so i just had a quick look at a store around the corner and all i could find were 2700k bulbs. also what wattage do i go by? actual watts or replacement watts? cause i could find anything there with more than like 25 actual watts. also the guy working there sketched me right the fuck out. Can an 18 year old buy some light bulbs without being questioned? gonna have a look at some other places shortly.
    yes i am, if im gonna build a micro grow box might as well actually grow in it. 

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