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  1. I just created my account but ive been reading on here for awhile. Im looking to try to grow a plant this year but i have no experience and need help getting started.

    I found a seed in a bag i got, is there any way i can tell if its healthy? I want to grow outside but the temperature is to cold now. I live in MA, whats the best time i should put it in the ground?

    Ive been told by friends to start it inside then move it outside after a couple weeks, if thats right i want to start ASAP.

    How do i germinate the seed? Best soil? How big of a pot?

    I have alot of questions, any help is appreciated. I will be taking pictures and documenting the grow the whole time for you guys to see and help me with any issues.

    Thanks and updates soon to come.
  2. Also, if i wasnt to grow outside. Could i grow in my attic?
  3. The best seeds are normally the more blackish or tiger stripped seeds is what I've heard, germinating you got a few choices, google search, best soil I have no idea. And the size of the pot is up to you really, whether you wanna start in the pot its gonna finish in?

  4. ok cool because my seed is black. and ill start researching some germinating ideas.

    my friend told me to put the seed in a bag then layer paper towels on both sides of the seed and soak them. leave it in a dry dark place and water it 2 nights later. within 3-4 days a white thing should be coming out of the seed then you can plant. Does that sound right?
  5. Yup that's about right. Using the paper towel trick is THE best way to germinate seeds in my opinion. Germinating via paper towel will guarantee every good seed you have will grow :) So just toss all your seeds in that papertowel whether you think they're good or bad.
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    Yes you can do that, I'm not an experienced grower and haven't finished a harvest yet, but how I planted my first seed was by just putting it into the soil, it sprouted after 6 days a bit roughed up, but I blame me cause I kinda was stupid insecure. She's looking nice and healthy today though :) 31 days since planted. Also, I believe the paper towel method only takes around 1-2 days, in average for the seed to crack open and show its taproot, I believe. you want to put the paper towel into a air tight container though to keep the moisture, and then its best to place the germinating seed a warm place. Really just google "Germination Paper Towel How To" and a bunch of guides will probably come up that explains the procedure of it.
  7. Another question, since the weather here is still cold. Could i grow it inside until april then move it outside? Or will that affect the plant?

    I want to get as much as possible because i dont have a budget to keep buying bags haha
  8. Yes it is recommended you start inside, most do it if they want a good start once it gets warmer as far as I know, get a stable plant inside and then move it outside when conditions are right I'd say.
  9. Would it be ok if i just used a normal 20 watt bulb for the start of the plant? I want to grow it inside for about a month before i move it outside when the weather gets warmer. I have a little enclosed space that i want to grow in.

    I was gunna use the 20 watt and put tin foil on the wall so the light can reflect back to the plant? Would that work at all?
  10. Welcome to the City,

    I was in your position not long ago... What I can say is Yes start your grow indoors, you'll have a much better success in the end.. also start reading a lot of thing on here and get yourself familiar with how plants look at different stages.. and then from there just go with it.. MJ is a hardy plant she can take a little roughin toughin

    now i suggest going as cheap as possible to begin with so you don't lose too much.. if you look at my signature theres a link to my 2013 outdoor journal and there i have pics of my setup (entire setup cost me 30$) it's really shitty, but hey it sprouted my seeds and they will be in there for well over a month.. it's just an idea but if you have more questions on how i made it feel free to ask

    the attic thing I'm not too sure about.. I've had a few people ask me that and I'm unsure i just tell them to research it
  11. Actually, if you can get a hold of 50W CFL in total, around the right spectrum, then it would be fine. Not trying to advertise but that's my grow and I used 25W for the first few days, think 14 days, and then I added it to 25W more, reason I did this was to see how cheap you actually could go. If you check the last post in the thread you can see my progress and where's its at, it's looking rather healthy under some semi-bad conditions so I would say if you just take care of the plant and keep an eye out on it, its gonna be fine.

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