First Time LSD

Discussion in 'General' started by BMactoker, May 1, 2006.

  1. I just picked up a tab of acid today and figure I'll do it in a few days when i got a nice block of time free. Any suggestions for a first time tripper?
  2. suggestions like what? eat the acid kill an hour...enjoy 8 haha, do it during the day i love the day compared to night when i'm tripping
  3. take it early enough in the morning or else you wont be sleeping that night... I didnt sleep for 36 hours after dropping 2
  4. First time user? Don't go out in public. Either stay inside or trip in a secluded outdoor setting. And since it is your first time, I'd suggest you don't trip alone. :cool:
  5. come down to FL sat. me and uft are going to a park and floating down a river if we can get some. does that sound like a good first time to you all?
  6. yea if anything dont trip alone

    just having other people there that are tripping to relate to and to share feelings/ideas with makes tripping 100x better IMO
  7. I got a bunch of roommates and stoner friends, none i think are gonna do it. They are good guys. Good DVD to watch?
  8. hmm id say dont watch any movie, there will already be plenty of movies going on in your head

    drop it on a nice day and go outside and watch the clouds and the sky and the sun

    its amazing how trippy the outdoors is, even the grass and the trees
  9. i may be headed over to ginnie springs in gville saturday :D
  10. Pink Floyd,

    thats good. And like, I dunno cartoons.
  11. The first time I took it was at night downtown in a super busy college town. It was just when the bars were closing so all the drunk college kids were out. Being downtown with all the people was alot of fun, but was also very scary. I was with a friend that was tripping for the first time too. I think having someone else with you that is tripping is a very good idea. Also, have atleast one sober person there to watch you guys or calm you down if you start to have a bad trip.

    LSD is very weird. Ever since I took my first hit I have never felt the same. It completely altered my perception on everything in life.

    Steve Jobs, the owner and creater of Apple Computers, said in an interview, that tripping on acid was one of the top 2 or 3 most important things he has done in life. Weird huh?
  12. rent some funny movies (note: funny movies, not scary freaky movies, funny movies, Monty Python, Mel Brooks, etc), pick up some soda and beer, STAY AT HOME! Drop the tab, hang out, pop in a movie, laugh til tears run down your face and your face hurts from smiling so damn much. LOL. It can be awesome, just plan aead and don't do anything stupid like go out in public. I've tripped and gone to Grateful dead concerts (when Jerry was still alive, folks), Irish pubs, techno clubs, the park, etc. The main things was that I had some experience under my belt. First time, Stay At HOME!

    let us know how it went and be safe, buddy

  13. quick question. should i swallow the tab or just spit it out after a little
  14. let it chill on your tongue for like 10 mins then swallow it.

  15. Just hope none yall don't hit any rapids. lol
  16. lets hear your report bmac
  17. damn. we're doing it on 0-town :ey:
  18. i never swallowed mine..I let it sit on my tounge for an hour then spit it out
  19. I'm a little anxious to try this stuff. I've done mushrooms a few times and damn do they mess with your brain. Seen friends freak out (although i never have).
    I figure acid will be more intense and so long lasting it kinda freaks me out.
    From shrooms I can see how anxiety can be intensified and difficult to let go.
    Any suggesytions on maintaining a relaxing free trip
  20. I've experienced the anxiety a couple of times, but learned to handle it by taking looonnnngggg deep breaths and reminding myself that whatever was causing the anxiety was all in my head and that it wasn't real.

    Here's a link to a post I made here in 2003 that gives some tips on tripping:
    Hope it helps. :cool:

    It's the only way to enjoy a Dead show! Went six times at Shoreline in Mt. View, Ca. in the 80's. Did you ever attend one of the spontaneous drum circles during one of the band's breaks? That was some fuckin' mystic tribal shit there! The Deadheads all around before and after the shows were some of the coolest people I'd ever met. At one point, I had actually thought of leaving it all behind and joining them. But I digress... :cool:

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