first time lsd trippin'

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  1. me and my two buddys picked up 1 blotter of acid each we all have experience with phycadelics like shrooms salvia but none of us have done lsd and i was wonder what the effects of one blotter should be like
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    Look on,if you want the link just ask me my man.It can tell you alittle bit about what to ecpect.I have done it alot of time's,too many to count.I would say some of my visuals but your going to have a unique trip.The commom thing's are rapid changes of mood,haapiness and alot of other shit,lol.

    Dude I am going to get the link for youokay.Be right back my man.
  3. alright thanks bro
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  5. have fun, Lucy is a lot more chill and better than shrooms imo

  6. Lol It happens to the best of us dude just don't do what i've done before and accidently paste an intimate convorsation with my girlfriend into my buddys msn convo. I thaught I copied some lyrics.
  7. I dont know if this will pertain to you, but fuckin lights everywhere. When i ate acid it was in the woods in the middle of summer and there were lighting bugs everywhere and it was getting dark so i was seeing lights EVERYWHERE i looked. I dont know if that happens nornmally but i liked that part about it made my trip memorable
  8. thank for all the info my one buddy felt better about it after drummerdude mentioned it was way more chill than mush because he had a pretty bad trip once
  9. I really dont see how you could have a bad trip on acid. I was running from the cops all night and was cool. Was stuck in the middle of these woods at night and we couldn't find out way out. Just sayin', alot easier to trip out on shrooms
  10. I need to try some acid.

    I can't find it fucking anywhere.
  11. i feel you dude, same here
  12. any body got any suggestions on surroundings to trip like outdoors/indoors. from my experiences i prefer outdoor trippin but i also live in the city and i dont want to be conneceting with civalization like cops and shit you know what i mean
  13. One dose will get you feeling kinda fuzzy in the head, heightened appreciation of music, perhaps enhances colours, with some breathing on the walls, and if its good cid, maybe even some patterns in your vision.

    Basically it should be a pretty mellow and manageable experience.

  14. Meeeeee too! ugh, stupid ass Oklahomans and their nasty meth addictions. :[

    - no offense to anyone who uses meth. ha ha.
  15. Tripping out in nature is defintley better than inside
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    I know you can find some cid,just not looking hard enough;)

    Where abouts in Oklahoma?If it is in the city,you can find it.It can be alittle challenging but it will be there.There is a chemist here that makes it(ofcourse).Dont know how big they are but I have got cid from there clients before.It's good too.
  17. IMO, shrooms will do ya in a lot more than acid will.

    shrooms>acid, but thats just me

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