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  1. This is my first time L.S.T. I watched tons of videos and air of trial and error. These plants are currently under a 4 ft 150 watt led. 5000k 3000 lumen. A PAR 38 100 watt LED with 30 degree angle and a couple bigger cfls more for experimenting in early veg. But anyways they ave all been topped or fimmed a week ago fed nutes once along with a couple eggshell and Epsom salt teas. I am wondering how they look so far and all input is definitely put to use. Thank you tons. P.s. my 2 biggest plants arent pictured they were getting really tall and have been fighting with them so I tied their top stem down and around in a horse shoe shape. But will post in a few days. Thanks 20190707_234124.jpg 20190707_234148.jpg 20190704_124656.jpg 20190707_234221.jpg 20190707_234043.jpg

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  2. Low stress training...?
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  4. Use the same method, but gour thread is called light stress training
  5. O hahaha gosh I'm stoned . Low/light lol well I guess it's technically the lightest stress of the training methods lol
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  6. Lmao, aye your right there bro, theyre looking fine
  7. Cool thanks man I never knew how resilient they are. The growth after fimming changed within a day.

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