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First time lighting a joint

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Chrisdeezy, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. So I rolled a pretty good joint by myself and it looked like all the other joints i smoked(my friends rolled the joints before) so I used some rolling paper called Maiz or something I dont know if thats the brand or not but w/e.
    So I try lighting it up and it started catching on fire and i never was able to get a run going. after a while i think I wasted like half of the joint and just smoked the rest out of an apple. So Does anybody know why my joint kept catching on fire? Was it the paper or something and I also dont know how to light a joint so is there a proper way to light one?
  2. Might have been rolled too loosely paper coulda done something too
  3. really har to say with the information given. Did it feel as firm as other joints you smoked? I've not heard of Maiz papers but I'm sure they'd be just as good as any cigarette papers for the task
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    I guess it might have been loose. Ill try compacting it more or sumtin
    Has anyone every had their joint light on fire?

    Oh are you supposed like lick the joint then bake it with a lighter or are you supposed to do that with a blunt
  5. Yeah man if u take a long drag they can light on fire, u just blow flame out and puff on ur jay like a ciggi except hold smoke in more..

    Roll joint tighter (use a flat surface such as a desk)
    light up and slowly draw in on Joint untill its lite like a cigi
    inhale not tooo long but take nice drags and hold in for 5 secs or so then exhale
    if it catches alight, blow flame out and keep smoking
  6. I like to pack mine nice and firm like a cig. I always make sure they have the right pull to them(can't really describe it). and then making sure to light the entire end evenly so it's all glowing. I've not seen one of mine light fire like that so
    my apologies if my comments are not helpful to you
  7. next time try just holding it in your hand and lighting it with a light and then take a hit cause my friends do the same shit and burn halfs of joints:mad::devious: lol
  8. Yeah roll it tighter and pack it in there and you should be fine.:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  9. Like everyone else said if it burned really really fast and after about a second half the joint was gone, then it was rolled too loose just keep practicing you will get better. I remember when that happened to me, once you roll a nice tight joint you will love who it burns and smokes. Imo a good joint about 1 gram or so will burn for 5-10 minutes, that's how mine are anyway. And if you still can't roll after practicing find something like a normal black mechanical pencil the cheap ones, and take off the little clip thing for your shirt and roll your paper around that pencil really tight and seal it up. I forgot to mention take off the end piece that holds the eraser, then after you roll the empty joint just sprinkle in your ground up weed and pack it into the joint nice and tight with the end opposite the writing side of the pencil, if you did it right it will be tight around the pencil when you are packing it, and it will come out looking like a cigarette. I've rolled like this many times because it always ends up being 1 gram even and they are perfectly rolled. I only do this when I'm at my crib though, it's only convenient at home, but imo it's worth it.
  10. seems like the joint wasnt rolled to well. also, don't light it directly or it will catch on fire, keep it at the edge of the j not right on it.
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    the buds need to be packed evenly and not to tight. but not to loose. after I roll a joint/blunt. I tap it on the table or flat area once or twice to make sure its good and packed. plus the weed needs to be broken up nice a fine. Get a grinder they help a lot for joints.
  12. It sounds like a loose joint. Maybe roll another one and post some pictures to give us a better idea of what it looks like.
  13. a real easy way to get it packed is to take a q-tip or somethin and pack the non-mouth end, insta-good joint
  14. You could try lighting the j before you inhale. Joint rolling and smoking are both an art, it all comes with time.

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