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First time joint

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by a+stoner, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. I'm usually a blunt roller, but got some RAW wraps at a gas station the other day on an impulse buy. Watched a couple YouTube videos and tried it out myself, what do you guys think? ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391751910.659508.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391751939.058097.jpg

    Not your average smoker 😏
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    Practice makes perfect.  When I roll I tend to prefer coned joints(not like it matters) but I used to roll pinners bcuz you could smoke them quick, and somehow be high af.  But I mostly use my glass as it conserves and is more convenient.
    Also joint rollers are kinda nice if you are in a hurry but I learned from practicing a lot.  I learned cones by rolling up a little cardboard in a small cone shape then rolling papers around it and it was like 'click' now I got and feel like a pro.
  3. yeahhhh I didn't have a whole lot of options in paper sizes, and my filter is pretty long. No hard done, just thought I'd try it out

    Not your average smoker 😏
  4. do you think I'd be able to smoke the one I just rolled?

    Not your average smoker 😏
  5. Looks like a j that a blunt smoker would roll haha. No sweat man find a buddy who can help you roll one.
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    i rolled one this shape with organic hemp raws

    fuck it aint working
  7. looks smokable. just keep practicing
  8. Lol not bad for your first joint. Shoulda seen mine. I was so uneducated I didn't even know i had to grind the weed up so I threw a few buds into the paper and rolled it up and went to my car to smoke it. It was such a disaster lmfao. But I was new to smoking anything in general so ya know... I learned how to roll properly very quickly.
  9. I use a joint roller every time I can't roll a joint to save my life 😕

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  10. Oh yah light that baby up...looks better then the first one I rolled .
  11. that's what I used

    Not your average smoker 😏
  12. lmao, I was gonna say the same thing.
    Don't try to get it real fat, spread it throughout the whole length (except for the roach/crutch which I find is alot easier to not use one in a joint) and get it tight. Don't worry about how skinny it turns out, skinny and tighter is gonna burn much better and slower imo.
    Yea the raw organic are good, the gum doesn't like to stick that good though.
  13. hahaha yeah like I said I usually smoke blunts, first time rolling a J. I'm lighting it up later this afternoon and let y'all know how it is.

    Not your average smoker 😏
  14. I don't use a roller. It's cool when you're just like BAM!

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  15. you said that was a raw, did you do anything like cut the paper before u rolled it? normal raws are definetly not that small, i have the 1/4ths right next to me
  16. hahaha no.. I don't know when I get home I'll post a picture with a quarter by it. But I used 1 and 1/4th. I guess I made the filter to big? I'm not sure.

    Not your average smoker 😏
  17. Blades... I think I've been turned joint. I just smoked half of that, and it got me higher than blunts! Very smooth, very slow burning. Almost cigar like, jeez that was awesome. I need to Invest in some king size

    Not your average smoker 😏
  18. I'll be straight, it sucks.  Just use more of the tip to fill with weed instead of twisting it and work on making it tighter.

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