First time in flower!!

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  1. Hopefully i should be finished up with this girl here before long. I don't have a jewelers loupe or magnifying glass but no luck for in store purchase. I'm not sure how much longer she has left. I'd love to harvest when the tris are cloudy! Check her out and let me know what you guys think. I just used some cfls and an emergency blanket

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  2. Love ya but why no scope? $6 - $20. Available everywhere.
    You have made a ton of effort. You are about to reap your reward. You can have a White Castle, tasty in its own right or a Gordon Ramsey burger (sub any $10 burger). Your choice.
  3. I found one near me at a hydro store I was just trying to find one instead of online. I can't wait. I hope maybe another week or so
  4. The buds don't look ready yet - get a loupe to be sure. Also clean up the dead leaves in the soil - it attracts bugs - always keep your grow area clean. Good luck.
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  5. Okay thanks!
  6. Got a 60x-100x the tris are milky! Maybe I can harvest the top cola and let the smaller bottom of the plant finish up the buds are just smaller and don't looked formed but the trics look good on them to!

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