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  1. Hey guys need help. First time growing coco mix. I have 2 purple kush plants in early veg and 1 isn't doing so hot. I'm using flora flex V1 and V2, cal mag and mammoth p. Light is a 250w QB, 2 288 v2 with red spec, turned up about 75% and temp gets up to 84 at hottest point in the day.

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  2. What's your feeding schedule?
    Do you feed to run off?
    What is the pH in and out?
    Do you use plain water?
  3. I use RO water, feed to run off. Ph in about 6.0 comes out fairly close. I'm feeding every 2 days or so. I have this one in a 6 in floraflex square pot. The plant doing better is in a 1 gallon phat sack.
  4. Your pots are way too small - you might want to consider transplanting to at least a 3 gallon pot.
    With pots that small you should be feeding multiple times a day - not every 2 days.
    I feed daily from sprout throughout veg and twice a day in flower and I use 3 gallon buckets.
  5. I planned on using 2 gallon pots to finish, have read 3 gallon is overkill for Coco. With that being said I have some deficiencies or excess to worry about first.
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    2 gallon pots are fine - I used that size when I ran coco - but 3 gallon is hardly overkill - 7 gallon yes. You should be feeding at least daily - probably more considering the size of the pots. I doubt you have a deficiency - I believe your problems are your feeding schedule and the small pots - take care of that and your problems will go away.

    Good luck. :)
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  7. I'll give that a try, I've always done soil and would water when pot was light. I wont have over watering issues if I feed daily?
  8. You won't have overwatering issues if you feed daily - coco retains 30% oxygen when saturated, and if you add perlite even higher. Impossible to over water a mature plant in coco. It shouldn't be treated like soil - coco is drain to waste hydroponics - daily feeding to run off refreshes the nutes, pulls in fresh oxygen to the roots, and prevents salt build up. You probably have salt build up from letting it dry out - you might consider a flush with 1/4 strength nutes. Every coco grower on this forum will tell you the same thing. A great place to learn everything you need to know about coco growing is here -

    Good luck.
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  9. Mick thanks for the link, a lot of good info. I have fed everyday since you replied. The plant in question has definitely responded and is growing better. I did just notice on these newer leaves more brown spots. coming in much slower than before but obviously still have an issue to address. I'm cutting out cal mag as of today until needed besides my nutes supply some, Floraflex v1 and v2. Any suggestions?

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  10. I'm not familiar with the calcium and magnesium quantities in your nutes but you use r/o water and a calmag supplement is almost always necessary. Why are you stopping it?
  11. A YouTube grower I follow uses these nutes and says he doesn't need to supplement additional calmag. i dont recall if he is using RO water or not. Floraflex site claim enough is in their v1 and v2. I was hoping to need need it because it eats up a good chunk of ppm right of the bat.
  12. Not sure if this means anything with out the other Nutrient info

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  13. The worst thing that can happen is that you develop a calcium or magnesium deficiency. You can always add calmag if necessary.
    Good luck man.
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