First time i got cought

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by WakkyTabbaky, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Alright I've been smoking for a while now. Last summer me and my friend got 10 grams of some dank widow and we rolled 3 1g joints. We go into the wood behind his house and light up, so were walking around and tokin it up when all of the sudden we hear a noise. We look behind us and there is a cop car in this abondoned buildingin the woods behind my friends house. We lay down on the ground and try to hide and we hear "What are you guys doing?" . I almost shit my pants we get up and see the cop behind us we knew he smelled the joint so we take off running and he gets in his car and trys to follow us. i left my hat where we were hiding and i guess thats why 20 minutes later we take a break while were hiding behind a tree in the woods and i hear barking. "Awww shit were seriously fucked now" my friend says, during this i was baked off my mind and i felt sick to my stomach. so t6he dogs getting closer so we take off running again.

    then we couldent run anymore and we had to rest. the cops cought us. the reason the cops came after us like that is because someone was shotting a bb gun in the woods and someone thought it was a real gun. so thats was the first time i got cought. and i hope its the last haha
  2. Damn, your lucky those dogs didn't get ahold of you, lol. You would have been torn to shreds.

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