first time hps grow..hoping to succeed

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  1. ok, i decided i would start a grow log. i have three california orange plants, each around a month old. They are under a 250 watt HPS in a mix of store brand potting mix, composted mulch, vermiculite, perlite, and 15-20-15 tomato nutes. here's some pics:

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  2. one plant = one pot
    3plants = 3pots !!!

    pictures aren't that clear but they look fine
  3. yeah this grow started out as a fuck around grow but then they decided to be worth something. i transplanted them into a much bigger pot today, hoping they survive the shock
  4. They will if you did it calm and didn't damage them to big. Just keep 'em easy for 2-3 days. Don't overwater (or water at all) and don't put them under the direct light immediatly (experience :)). Gl and keep us updated.

  5. i have been tranplanting my plants from small pot to big pots the last 2 days .No problems for real easy and odds are you arent gonna be able to slpit them up very easy on account the roots are probaly allready tangled
  6. they're doing great. gonna wait till day1 week2 and then ill get more pics...wonderful plants, strong as hell.
  7. ok...its been a while, and i am currently unable to get pics. the tallest plant and the shortest plant are showing signs of female...well, what i think is. and the other one, well, its branching out, but i think its a male. i am gonna wait a few more days to be for sure, and if it is, i gonna pull it. the other two look like they are putting the hairs out of like little that a sign of hermie? or is it just how a plant shows signs of sex? im sure pics would help, but my laptop is non-functional right now, and the camera isnt clear enough. ill keep you posted

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