First time, how's my setup?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Laceylee420, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. What'sup, i'm new to GC and am setting up my indoor grow tent. I don't want the cheaper options on set up, I'd like everything to be as legit as I can make it.
    I'm collecting my materials, i'll throw up pictures as soon as everything comes in. I'll give you a run down on what I have, questions, comments and suggestions are super appreciated and welcome.
    I know i'm still missing a few things, but if you can think of a must have for this set up please speak up!
    Darkroom II Pro 60x60x80
    600w MH conversion (veg) {reflector}
    600w HPS (flow) {with reflector}
    Lumatek 600w digi ballast
    Growbright 4" inline fan&carbon filter

    A question I have for you guys is how many plants would thrive in this space? I plan on using 5 gal pots after I transplant my seedlings. I want as many plants as i can have, but I dont want them too be too crowded for their own liking.
  2. * not sure why those random codes happened in the post, sorry! Also I plan on using foxfarm organic soil for this grow.
  3. Might want a bigger fan...what's the CFM? you want to clear your space every 5 minutes.
    Here I'll do the math.....
    60"x60"x80"= 2880"/12"=240 cubic feet....I think the CFM is 170 on that fan so your clearing every 2 minutes....should be fine.
    You want to have a Circulation fan as well something to move air around the space and give your plants a little something to push against. Helps make them stronger to support bud weight and better access to CO2.
    5 Gals...Why? in that space you could grow 4 plants in 5 gals and do pretty good - you veg cycle would be around three weeks if your doing all the right stuff and that is a strain dependent estimate - get your plants around 24-30" out of the pot before dropping to 12 hours. However I would go with 1 gals and have around 25 plants. they will dry out quicker which means they feed faster, your grow cycle will be a LOT shorter and you will most likely have bigger buds and better over all production. PLUS you can move them around a lot easier allowing for moving taller to outer edges for a "stadium" effect of your canopy which increases production again.
    Rock n'Roll. best of luck
  4. How much did that set up run you in total?
    I'm lookin to get a grow about the same size going
  5. Give or take 1500
  6. I've decided on 3gal pots, I am going to have a 6 inch fan and filter just to be safe. I will have another oscillating fan inside to give them better air circulation. I was also planning on LSTing them in veg, then SCROGing in flower, comments on that?

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