First Time High?

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  1. Ok so everyones first time high is lifechanging. Tell me about it.
  2. My first time wasn't really life changing. But I think my personality would be alot different if I didn't find bud.
  3. Ok so ill start it off,

    I smoke with my friend in the woods, third time smoking. We smoke a dime. My friend being pretty new two packs a bowl of weed just by putting a big nug in it. We each get like ten hits. The whole time smoking it im kneeing down so i finally get up. I felt a little diffrent but nothing extreme. We start walking back and a few steps in I stop, it hit me. Everthing was so slow. I started laughing for a good ten minutes and cant stop. I asked my friend atleast three times if i was dreaming and knew i wasnt but it really felt like i was. Time felt like it was going by really fast and i kept calling it fifa time. It took us an hour to get out of the woods, which originally took us fifteen minutes to walk in, cause i was trippin so bad i couldnt walk. We finally get back and I see my friends grandpa carrying a wheel barrel shirtless and i honestly thought i was halucinating so i laughed for five minutes. Im standing outside and i hear a noise "Hey....Hey...Hey" I was like what the fuck so i kept turning around and i finally look up and see my friends brother, who is also a good friend, looking out the window. I laughed at this so hard too. We went inside and all watched tv, and i couldnt focus at all. My first time i got super high it was awsome.
  4. First time high I got contacted by aliens.

    I wonder what they are doing right now.....
  5. The first time i got high. Ooo a good day, so it started out in this crappy crack shed lookin house and i was in the kitchen with my pals and they told me that we wer gunna do knife shots. So never smoking in my life i proceeded to hit 2 if them. I felt fine and totally normal then we went in his garage and chilled ona couch and then it hit me. I started giggling at nuthin then i fell over. Then i moved to the corner of the room and started dancing and singin party rock anthem. Then i woke up at a park at least a mile away from where i got high. I barely remember that day
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    Nervous. Chilling with 2 homies. Go to homie #1 house. Walk into garage. See 10+ people in a circle. Throw down some money and someone literally gave me their stash cause I was a newbie. Rolled up . 10 minutes later I was paranoid as fuck! Homie #2 is fucking wrecked and is like layed out on the floor listening/zoning out to music. We go to homie #1's bedroom and play some Halo while geeking hardcore and talking about life. I dun goofed when I started looking for something to drink. Went back to the garage and didn't notice how loud I was being and I got the evil eye from some serious tokers. They were really cool though and it honestly was a great night. I had a momentary panic attack about 45 minutes into smoking. Sitting back down with a 2 liter of sprite I look at he mirror and see my eyes. "AM I dieded?"

    Next morning I woke up to the best mexican breakfast ever. Homie #1s stepmom got her kitchen duties on lock. Nothing like being sketched out cause your still high from the night before in someone elses house and all they do is smile and cook you some bitchin breakfast. That day since I've smoked weed erryday
  7. I was about 14, turning 15, and it was with my dad and step-brother (hes 13) well i had smoked with him a few times before (never getting that high) but like the 3rd or so time, my dad had this DANK shit. Smelled fruity and looked nicee. My dad rolled this tiny ass joint (hes smokes for a while so he rolled well) and we smoked it. Soon, my vision seemed like it was going faded and becoming like a movie/dreamlike . I had this stupid ass smile, and i had a weed laugh , which is different from my normal laugh xD i was sky-high for atleast two hours and then ate pizza ^.^

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  8. The 1st time I got Hiigh I smoked a fat joint with 3 my friends...I was walking around telling them I can't feel it, a few steps later I couldn't stop laughing & continued laughing till we got to the shop which is a good 15mins away...bought some chocolates & crisps and chilled :)
  9. My first time I got blazed was awesome B)
  10. Lost myself and found my true self listening to the grateful dead. Been smoking ever since :)
  11. Rented a hotel room with friends & hotboxed the restroom. 5 years ago & I'm still toking it.
  12. I didn't even get high my first time, and I took a good 6-7 rips of some crucial. My 2nd time though, one hit and I was loaded... I seriously thought I was going to die, it was that intense. My heart felt like it was racing at 250 bpm
  13. My school had this retarted thing called portfolio day. To this day I have no idea what it is, because I skipped it with like 10 friends.
    They all were high after a few bowls and I wasn't. Then they gave me a pipe and bowl to myself.
    This one dude we were with had this sick pipe. It was a lizard... Bowl was on its head and you inhale through the tail.
    Anyways after I had that bowl we were talking in a circle and the high hit me like a brick. Went from listening to a conversation to just staring. A few minutes went by and people are like "I wonder if Kent is high yet" they all look at me zoned out and they start to laugh... I start to laugh.
    We ran for no reason while laughing our asses off. Then I go to this underground parking lot and listen to my friend tell me stories.
  14. I didn't get high the first time but I was with all my friends and we smoked and I was 11

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