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  1. Well the first time I got high I got shit faced. I smoked at least 4 bowls to myself. My friends and I were all smoking out of an apple we had 2g's.Everyone was fucked up. I got so fucked that I started to make out with my best friends girlfriends cheek and everyone including my best friend were just laughing. ( I don't remember that). Then apparently we had a food fight with my friends grandmas birthday cake ( I don't remember that either). Then at least an hour had passed and my friends grandma was around the corner so he said we all had to leave so I tried to throw the apple into the neighbors yard but it ended up going in the pool (good thing my friend got it out before his grandma got there). and we were leaving and we were hearing sirens and shit and everyone but me was freaking out my friend was saying oh my god the cops are coming I'm so fucking scared, Then I was like "Me too, no just kidding I just wanted to copy you".Then out of no where I slapped my friend and then I tried to hit my other friend (cause I got bored for like 10 seconds). Then I started riding a bike and I don't remember that either and apparently I was swerving and almost got hit by a car. Then me and my best friend saw a house with a trampoline and we tried to hop the fence to jump on it but we failed and then just walked away. Then we went to these apartments and my best friend got in a fight with some older kid almost and he was asking me to help but I was too scared cause of how fucked I was. Then I called one of my friends a fat cow. Then the high started going away and my friend got me subway and McDonalds . It was a fun 5-6 hours lol. :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. I got really drunk, then smoked, then drove my moms bmw home. I was 16

    In hindsight it was a terrible idea
  3. My first time high I took like three hits out of this dinky little pipe and I didn't feel anything. I ended up smoking two grams by myself and I became extremely paranoid and I went and hid in my friends garage. I greened out pretty bad, but thank god I did too much weed instead of doing too much of anything else.
  4. My first time I smoked with my friend and this really hot girl who it was also her first time. We went back to my house, the friend left and it was just the girl and myself on a couch in the basement. My mom called me so I went and answered her and she called me out on being high. I was so scared. I never even thought of hooking up with the girl, just worrying and hoping that my mom leaves soon so I can go upstairs and make food. It was the best weed I had ever smoked, not just because it was my first time and I was on Neptune, it was so amazingly covered in trichs and smelt soo dank. They said it was electric haze, it probably wasn't but it was amazing.
  5. My first time I smoked was under the boardwalk in this cool place but it was skecthy. I was with 6 kids and we only had a gram. i remember after it i thought i was soo high but now looking back at it i feel like such a loser lol. After we just walked around the streets doing stupid things. But at that time i felt great, even though i wasnt that high i felt really good and i was just happier then i have ever been. it still was a good time though, i guess it was just the right amount that kept me smoking lol.
  6. The first time I smoked my friends asked me how I was feeling, I just kept saying "I don't know," in an extremely monotone voice. Then I stood up, it hit me hard, then I ran into the foozeball table and proceeded to play it by myself. My friends were really confused. Now that I look back on it so am I.
  7. ^^ HAHAHA, my first was during a hurricane. and it was with my cousin. he was like "u wanna get high?" i was like why not.. so we had weed but nothin to roll with.. then he pulls out a notebook and says fuck it and rips out a small piece of notebook paper and rolls a fatty. i really didnt feel anything. i guess i didnt get high the first time. but the second time i smoked with my cousin it was so funny. we decided to go to the gym and play basketball. i was trippin so hard i just laid down in the middle of the court and he was laughing his ass off. but wat sucks is that we dont get along anymore. oh well fuck it.
  8. theres already a thread...
  9. the very first time i smoked was a crazyyy night. i had such an intense body high i felt electric waves flow through me, and then i got super domed and was convinced that life is all a paradox. deep shit. gotta love it:D
  10. my first time we were smoking outside (the two others were very experienced tokers) I was carrying around a box of life cereal and my friend bumped into me and the box fell, nothing spilled. I was so shocked and upset about my cereal falling.
  11. My first time getting high was probably one of the most significant and storyesque thing that has happened in my life. I was sitting with my brother, who I had barely seen between the ages of 16 - 19. We missed out on growing up together, then I ended up doing what at the time I thought was pretty 'grown up' with him - smokin a fat ole Jay out on the road of our neighbourhood! We talked for hours, and laughter, uncontrollable. Finally got to know that guy a bit. It was badass! Cheers!

    I'm new too, what uppppp

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