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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by threeoftwelve, May 15, 2003.

  1. I have never grown weed before. My girlfriend and I have a small apartment and only one closet. I was planning on using half of the closet, because that is the only one we have and we still have to use it to hang up clothes in. The area i was going to use is about 6x2x1.5 feet. Is that too small? will it cripple the plants? What should I use for lights? How many lumens? What type? What is the coldest air temperature that the plants will tolerate? How long do you think it will take before I can harvest my weed?

  2. One thing at a time,

    yes, you can, you have 3 sq ft,

    no it wont cripple the plants you just cant have more than 2-3 plants in there,

    lights, a small HPS would be nice but flouros will work also,

    lumens, if you can get close to 6000 lumens on one plant that will work,

    temp, my experiance with closets are with heat not cold, usually a grow closet will stay pretty warm on its own.

    harvest, flower at 12" and total 3 months,
  3. one thing you gotta remember though is that any clothes you put in there are gonna smell heavily of weed!!
  4. what should good seeds look like? How long should the vegetative stage be? should it be on a 12/12 schedule? and the flowering stage, should it be 24/0? should i use those "plant and aquarium" fluorescent bulbs? I read somewhere that i should not use 'cool white'.
  5. Since your lacking space, I suggest you induce the flowering stage at 5-6'' Once the seeds have sprouted keep them on 24/0 with flourecent bulbs 2'' from the plant. Once the desired height has been met change your schedule to 12/12 and they will begin flowering, which is when you would want to lightly introduce some type of fert. high in phosphorus or potassuim, not nitrogen. good luck :)
  6. Hmmm, well I dont know about that, he says he has 6' height,
    Flowering at 5-6" is not reccommended at all. Your minimun height should be 8" and thats pushing it, You have more than enough room for a 3' plant.

    As far as your question about seeds

    If they are firm, squeeze em with your fingers, and anycolor other than pale or white there probably good.

    The time schedule,

    A 3' plant can finish in a closet in about 3-4 months under good conditions. 1 1/2 months for each phase. You can run 18/6 or 24/0 for veggin,

    Get good soil and you wont have to worry about ferts for awhile.
  7. Wow, I did not see the 6 ft. You can further grow out your plants. One my friend induces flowering at 5'' and they do just fine, wierd. :eek: Must be different types of plants or soils of some sort.
  8. Its not that it cant be done, its just a matter of yield,

    My plants usually only have 3-4 nodes at 5", sure you can flower it but why sacrifice, I mean if you have to buy the soil and pay for the lights might as well get something out of it.
  9. Gotta work with the space your given :)
  10. how many stages are there and what are they. I've seen people talking about the vegetative and flowering stages. this I'm guessing you can determine when these stages happen by how much light you are using, If someone could fill me in here with the times and stuff for each stage and the heights, that would be much appreciated.

  11. There are 2 stages,
    Vegative and flowering,

    Yes light determines stage
    18/6 or 24/0 =vegative
    12/12 =flower

    Times, depends,
    soil= 1 ft per gal
    height= 2-3 times its size when flowering is induced

    Typical veg height 12" 6-8 weeks
    Finish flower height 24-30" 6-8 weeks
  12. will 2 or 3 plants in the closet make clothes smell that bad?? it only starts to stink during the flowering period right??
  13. Hey all,
    I am a first time grower (and first time user of this site). I just got some fertilized potting soil, a pot, and two pot seeds and dropped those little f'ers in there. One of them is growing. It's about 4 inches high, but just a little shoot. Its sitting in the pot on my dining room table in front of my sliding doors. Good light, but only during the daytime obviously. Will it keep growing and make buds if I just let it keep going on its own?
    I really don't wanna have to do anything elaborate, just let mother N take its course if I can.....will it work? Any tips suggestions comments complaints random info etc will be appreciated...

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