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  1. hey guys me and my friend recently decided that we are going to grow some plants they are going to be outdoors im looking for help on how to get our grow started and how much each plant will yield if well maintained. thanks alot!

  2. there's quite a lot of factors that no one is going to be able to respond to your post.  why don't you ask specific questions and/or give some detail about what your plan is.
    how many plants are you thinking of growing?
    how big of an area are you working with?
    are you willing to invest some cash into this?
  3. im thinking about 6 plants
    space isnt a problem 
    and yes i can invest some cash
  4. If you were experienced, outdoors you could produce 10lbs+ per plant. Since it is your first grow, i would say maybe 8oz from 6 plants if any.
    Best tip i could give you, is to not grow anything this year, as its getting late in the season to start outdoors. Read, Read, Read, Read, Read, then READ some more! And by the time your suppose to start next year, youll be golden!
    Since you are planning on growing outdoors, I suggest you read up on the organic's section, and get your soil planned for next year.
    Even though its early for starting next years grow, you should still read up on the items your going to need
    1. order your seeds,\t
    2. start pricing/locating all amendments for your soil.\t
    3. You could start digging your holes,\t
    4. start a compost pile,\t
    5. start a worm bin,\t
    6. get your fencing setup. Theres lots to do for a successful grow.\t
    7. Learn about the insects your going to have problems with, how to kill them,\t
    8. What all the deficiency's are and how to deal with them.\t
    9. Where are you going to dry your harvest at?\t
    10. Do you know how to properly cure it?\t
    11. Do you know how to trim buds?\t
    12. Do you have to clear any trees to get maximum sunlight? Chop them down now.\t
    13. Are you in a legal state?\t
    14. Are you growing in your backyard? (not always smart if your not in a legal state)\t
    15. Are you growing guerilla style?
    • If so, is there a water source near by?
    • Do you plan on carrying your water in? (sucks ass)
    • Have you found a perfect spot? One where nobody else goes. Somewhere you can get into and work without being seen, but thats not wide in the open.
    • Remember there's hunters. Would they go to the spot your going to grow? 
    • What about wildlife from your area? Animals love to eat cannabis plants
    This is just a few things youll need to know off the top of my head. 
  5. i live in bc (canada) a local associate i know said the cut off date to start is the 11th of july i live on a farm but wont be planting here and i heard that horse manuer is really good for growing i am not in a legal state and hunters wont be a problem so are you for sure its too late to start?

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