First time growing set up plans.

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    Hey guys. I've just bought some Northern Light seeds (fem, auto flowering) for my first attempt at growing (I heard that they are decent beginner seeds), and I want to know if what I'm thinking of for a set up would work.
    I'll be growing in a closet, it's not very big. Maybe 4 feet by 3 feet, and half of it is slanted ceiling. I'm trying to grow one plant, since it's my first time, and I want to get a feel for it.
    I bought 3 CFL lights, 55W and 3600 lumens each (10,800 lumens total). I was thinking that I would line the walls with tin foil and reflective materials, so I don't lose any light. Then I was thinking to put one of the CFLs right above the plant, and the other two towards the sides, and put some reflectors on them too.
    I know that I've seen people do this, but they usually have three lights on top and two on the sides, but I didn't think for one plant that this would be necessary. 
    I also live in a house where smell doesn't matter, so I'm not really worried about that. If I were to leave the closet door open or covered with a sheet or something would this be enough ventilation? I can't really drill a hole into the walls or anything, and there are no close by vents. I also have a small fan for air circulation. 
    Since it's auto flowering I was going to put it in a 3 gallon planting pot right from the start. Any suggestions on the best soil to use? I've read that some soils make it easier nutrients wise. I'm also looking for some cheap but effective nutrients for when the soil runs out. My seeds say from seed to harvest it will be 8-9 weeks. 
    I have pH test strips.
    Let me know if I should change anything, thanks :smoke:


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