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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by twon, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Well i've been lurking around these forums and reading up on everything possible and I finally decided to give it a try. I got these seeds out of the schwag half oz I had. I didn't even germinate them this time, I just threw them in the peat moss cup and put a half stick of 15-7-7 food in it at the bottom for root strengthing. I know a lot about growing it all but I don't understand some parts of it, thats where you guys come along. Would you all please help me with my first growth, I would like it.

    Hopefully if I do well, I can start on my Chocolate Chunk seeds I got from a friend off of 2 pounds of there fresh harvest.

    Here are the pics of my 2 plants as of 12:00 pm June 7, 06.

    Heres plant 1:
    As you can see, the bottom 2 leaves have died/dying.

    Also, bugs have gotten to it :\. That happen a while ago actually, but the plants still ticking.

    Here is plant 2:
    Notice the 2 smaller leaves in the middle growing, my friends dad told me to pinch them, how far down the stem should i go?

    Only about 3 inchs tall.

    I water them every day and make sure they get direct sunlight for a while also.

    Anything I should do as of now except just water them until they get bigger, then transplant into a bigger pot with fert?
  2. if u really want to grow then 1 plant will not do it, you may get males, environemtn may fuck it up or even the bugs that ate it might come back, dude your gunna need to grow atleast 10. start large and you'll end with small, start small and end with nothing. but yeh looks healthy right now, how many days has it been growing? mabe think about a transplant to larger pot, and organic soil, dont worry bout pinching yet.
  3. forgot to mention to not water everyday, you'll overwater and plant will turn yellow and possibly die, water once soil has dried about 2-3 inches down, but mabe 1 inch with that small pot your using.
  4. Jonster, you are right about the probability factor in growing but you also need to take one thing into consideration. More plants = more surveillance, more time needed, more things to worry about.

    Now, with me having 2 plants, I can keep up with them, and so what if they are male, or 1 male, 1 female, I can still get bud off of male plants, also, the yeild ammount I get is not a worry, all I would like to get is a healthly plant with positive results.
  5. I grow 4 ladies. Started with 12 seedlings this year to have a good chance of getting 4 girls.

  6. hehehe can you beleive this guy, dude growing 10 plants is a sNAP, sorry but im too baked on homemade oil....hehehe
  7. Alright now, congratulations.

    So, who in here can give me advice?
  8. im not being hostile, im not trying to stop you from growing, i want to help you, if you think growing 10 is a problem then don't do it, but deffiently don't say it's unmanagable. look at my thread dd cat pee ne1 herd, just below 100.
  9. yes i will look at it, and i didn't mention anything about you being hostile. it's my opinion on management, i live a busy life, while trying to maintain my grow. understand where i am coming from?

    now besides all of that, bump, so please people, try to give advice for what i should do in the future for the growth of these 2 plants.
  10. no, you can't. male plants don't bud. can't believe nobody else told you that...
  11. i was under the impression you grew with feminized seeds, as you said your just grow 4. what if you got 6 or 7 female out of the 12? please dont say you kill them!
  12. No, I can find buyers for any spare females.
  13. Weird, cause my friends plant produced a little ammount of bud, but had seeds, so i'm guessing it was a hermy? After I found that out I never looked up if male plants could produce, so my mystake.

    Even if I get males, I probably would keep them cause I got some chocolate chunk seeds and my friend had some 100% organic kb that we got for 30 a gram and I found like 11 seeds in it, but it was good shit, very sour taste , left my mouth skunky for a while.

    Look guys, i'm not here to fight with ya'll, I came here to recieve help from my fellow bud smokers and hang out.

    Thanks though - Twon.
  14. Pollen can go an awful long way. Here pollen clouds from the MJ fields in Morocco blow hundreds of miles across the Mediterranean and give the Spanish hay fever. A male anywhere around could have got your girl knocked up.
  15. twon yo, i know where your coming from, but the thing is you dont know where outdoor weed is coming from, cos you'vre never grown before. get rid of males pronto, dude dont u want sensimilla? females under the influence of male pollen creates seeds and lowers thc levels significantly. whatever you want though man its a free world. im just interested in your profits, i bet you end the season with nothing. im coming from my own experience with growing, research yes, but mostly hand and hand growing, i suggest you take my advice. grow 10 its simple, after they reach 1-2 ft you dont have to worry about pests any longer and can rely on that plant giving you a good ounce come harvest, its just hard to get to that stage and growing 10 your chances increase of getting that 1 female healthy plant, destroy the rest if u must. its an odds game.
  16. I'm not really even growing for me, I just want the community where I live to be flowing with buds. Even if this plant is male I just want to see a plant of my own grow. It's like my own child I have made come alive.

    I love Marijuana. Gods plant givin to us homosapiens. Smoke til you die, never get dry, always look towards the sky, in hope to fly
  17. sooooo, 2 plants? ok ill help, you transplant yet, organic soil? give us some updated pictures.
  18. Agree with those sentiments totally.

    Genesis 1: 29.

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