First time grower.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by DevilDank, May 16, 2006.

  1. first pics i have of a few of my little plants.


  2. Give us some info. Indoor/outdoor? Strain? Looks good so far tho, your definitly going to have to repot those in larger pots if your not gonna plant them outside.
  3. Well there outdoor and i have no idea what the strain is because i just used regular mersch seeds to get started and start learning. But i should keep it upto date with photos.
  4. Getting some more seeds sprouted and ready to be planted. I already got 2 3 inchers and 2 1 inchers plus a few sprouted seeds i just planted into soil.

  5. well im glad to report that my two older plants are officially females. the other 6 are still to young to tell. i let a freind borrow my camera so when i get it back ill be posting pics for the world to c.
  6. sounds awesome devildank. i'm growing some bagseed outdoors this year also. my oldest plant is about the same age as the plants in those pics.

    glad to hear that you got some confirmed females already. keep us updated im ready to see some more pics....
  7. congrats on your 2 girls :D
  8. hiya looking good
    I've also started my first grow , doing it under glorious beams of the sun they are going great and the dude where i got the seeds from told me they were femmed ww's
    they sure look like ww's and most of them've already shown me that it are indeed horny bitches :D
    cant wait for the summer to end , never thought i would ever say this :d
  9. Great start! They look nice and healthy. Good soil too.... I have a question tho, how do you know you have two females?
  10. Well somebody gave me pics of both male and female disticion and i figured out that they were female because they dont have sacs.

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