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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Toke4life420, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. ok i gots some questions.

    well first i just planted a seed that i had between 2 wet paper towels. i dont have it in a super big pot its like 6 inch across.

    1. Can i leave it just sitting out in my room? will that give it suffecent amont of light for now? Being that it is still a seed and that i just planted it today.

    2. Where can i get a good light, with out buying offline?

    3. Being a virgin at growning, will it be worth it, growing.

    Any help that you folks can give me to get the best out of my frist time growing will be greatly appreaceated (sp?)

    thanks, Andy
  2. 1. it depends how much light is in your room

    2. i always find the local hardware store to be quite useful. luckily i'm close witht he guy in charge of the light dept.

    3. if you're willing to learn a lot and study a lot and devot a better portion of 2 months to some plants it'll be wayyy worth it. ESPECIALLY in the long run.
  3. plug-in 33 watt fluorolights at Wal Mart, $10 each. The more you get, the better the grow.
  4. Your first grow is the most important grow you will ever have. You get alot of experience from it, and it means that you will know what to do in your next grow. Even if this grow goes completely wrong, it will DEFINATELY be worth it.
  5. Yeah, first grow is like reading the prologue of a whole story on growing, then you take steps up and use the knowledge you have gained and apply it, and improve on it, then apply it again...then rinse and repeat.

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