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  1. So i plan to grow a seed i got from my weed and i dont know how to :my parents will be pissed if they find it so im gonna grow it in my closet. How do i start it of? I only want it to be a small plant harvesting maybe an oz if that. Any tips or idea on how i should would be nice :lol: i want the most basic way please thanks everyone! Ill be updating as i start growing her!
  2. Alright ill start that as soon as i get home from smoking with my cousin haha ill upload a picture of the seed too so you can see what im working with thanks so far :)
  3. Don't grow without your parents permission.
  4. Its only going to be a small plant and it wont be a big deal i dont think so i want to grow a little baby :)
  5. If it won't be a big deal let them know. Your gunna have to hide it from more than view. What about the smell. It they find it you and the plant is fucked. Both of you might get thrown out. Taking a lot of risk not to even know if the seed is female. JMO coming from a parent.

  6. I told them and they said if im caught its on me and i said alright :-D so with the napkins wet do i cover the seed or place it on the napkin? :)
  7. I used the soaking method. Put six seeds in a coffee mug with warm water and covered them with a small plate. Waited for all six to show trap root and planted. All six popped through in within three days.

  8. I only have 2 seeds so im gonna try it :) i hope they show roots! :) how many days will it take to show roots?
  9. Give it all least 72 hours. Could be sooner. Just be patient. This goes for the entire grow.

  10. What type of setup do you have?

  11. So i have my seeds like this and i put a plate on top of it is this look good so far?

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  12. The seeds should be between the paper towels also.

  13. I just switched it to this is this better

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  14. Yeah. Now just cover it with the other plate and check it here and there.

  15. What's your setup like?

  16. I covered it up so its all good. And what do you mean? Im confused by the question
  17. Your grow space. What type of lights, soil or hydro

  18. Just a normal grow light at the weakest heat they come it the space is a probably 4 by 7 space and the height is 7.5 feet and my soil is going to be dirt by my tree i put in a pot but once its about 2 weeks itll move to some garden soil we have for herbs we grow in our garden
  19. So I'm guessing a CFL. For veg you need at least 100 Watts per plant and 50 more for an additional plant. You also want 6500k output from those lights.

  20. Yeah its a 400 CFL and im probably only going to grow 1 plant just for an oz of weed and i have a lot of power for the light it has as much as needed

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