First time grower... yellowing

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  1. Ok so this is my very first grow and I’m on day 12 of veg.

    Soil PH is 6.8 and is Nectar of the Gods #4

    5gal pots

    2x4 box with HGL 260 V2 Rspec on 24/7

    Temps are a bit high at 88 and humidity is 50s

    Both plants are feminized Bruce Banner Autos from dank seed bank.

    The first 2 pictures are from today... day 12 of veg.


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  2. These are the same 2 plants from day 10

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  3. What do you guys think about that yellowing? Over watering maybe? Watering every 3 to 4 days and getting PH to 6.1 with digital meter

    Or maybe this soil is a bit too hot for my lil girls? I have a PPM meter but haven’t used it yet as I’m afraid I’m already over watering so don’t want to give more to check the run off.

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  4. Well after looking in my journal I’m pretty confident I’m over watering. Been doing it every 2 to 2-1/2 days. I was waiting until next Tuesday when my carbon filter shows up to install my 6” inline hurricane fan but I’ll go put it in now to increase air flow and help these plants dry up a bit.

    Also watched some YouTube videos of other plants my same age and mine seem really small which is also pointing to overwatering.....

    I have a 9” desk fan in their but it’s basically an insulated sealed box right now 2x4x8.

    Am I on the right track with the over watering idea?????

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  5. Hi, you are on the right track. I can't tell by the picture but it looks like they are in a relatively large volume of soil, and that soil looks very moist. In the case of small plants in big containers, overwatering is very common. My advice is to pick up the container and feel how heavy it is. Wait until it gets light, then water again. Plants that small don't require much water. Don't think you need to water if the top of the soil gets dry, go by the weight at first.
  6. Just 24hrs with the hurricane fan running and they look great again. All nice and green and the soil is drying out. I’ll be sure to pick it up to make sure it’s dry before watering again.

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  7. I'm pretty sure yellowing on seedlings is normal. I've potted like 20 plants and they all looked like this for a while. They end up turning green over time.

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