first time grower with light qustions

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by k-do, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. i recently bought my freinds light 1 1000 watt with switchable ballest and 1 400 watt with swichable ballast the 1000 has a light mover on it. how many plants do you think i could flower under the 1000 with the mover thanks for any help
  2. I would say anywhere from 20 to 30 plants thats my estimate but what do I know Ima first time grower
  3. i wouldnt think i could get that much would be nice though
  4. u deffinatly could, all depends on the room/box ur using, and also hydro or not
  5. Im growing 10 with 800w. and your running 20. That would be my guess. And yeah, how big is your space? And what strains were you thinking about growing?
  6. i was only gona use the 1000 for flowering and the 400 for veging i was gona start with cheaper seeds till i got through the trial and error i like the way the big bud looked but still not sure.
  7. use the 400 hundred for veg...but use both lights when flowering, so then the plants get that extra 400w of light. might as well, your runnin 1000, why not up it to 1400. and go to for your seeds, you can pick up packs for as low as 15 just gotta look around. However, if you have that much light, i would say go ahead and pay the 60-90 bucks for some good seeds and just go from there, you really dont need trial and error if you can grow the plants mature enough to top them...cuz then you can just make clones. And what exactly are you growing for, profit? or free smoke? or both?ha. if your looking to make profit, and its just you, and this is your first time growing...i would suggest buying some good seeds..and growing maybe 4 or 5 plants with the 400 watt...use the 400 watt for veg and then your not running your electricity bill up the roof and killing your crops at the same time. hope any of this helps, hope it isnt to kinda high.
  8. Man that’s an awful lot of light for someone who has never grown. That’s like giving a 16 year old the keys to your Ferrari. Anyway, the question was how many can you flower under the 1000 watt. As Headie says it all depends on the size of the room however; for a 1000 watt without the mover you could probably flower 10-12 plants. The hood on these lights really prevents any more than that. Don't plan on too much more with the mover unless you plant on hangin out in your grow room during the 18 hours of day time moving the light back and forth. Bag seed is probably the most cost effective way to go as a beginner.
  9. thanks alot got the light from one of my customers for a small amount of mids so i just grabbed them up i didnt really want to use both for flowering girlfriend would have a hissy with that much juice added im thinking both of those lights with some fluros and every other little thing its gonna take to run the room its gonna ad at least 70 to 90 bucks im thinking maybe after i get some money back. As for profit me and my brother already have a deal worked out to were he will buy half of everything that finishes and the other half im gonna try to make stretch till the next harvest goto go much more work needed on the room damn nasty ass basements in the hood thanks to all who replied:hello:

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