First Time Grower on a budget! Few Questions.

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    I'm a first time grower on a budget. I have never grown before. I have some Ocean Grown Kush seeds from Norway that I will be using. I have a 2.5 x 2.5 converted shower as a grow space. I was able to pick up a 20 x 20 Hydro Farms Metal Halide Hood and Bulb. The bulb is 400W. I plan to grow 6 to 8 plants. The only ventilation I have is a bathroom window. I have some seed starter and some cannabis cultivation books. Not able to invest allot of money into this grow and I'm wondering what supplies are must haves for a good harvest? I was also wondering what kind of ballast I need to get my lamp working?

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  2. damn, im not an expert on ballast's but if you poped in at the electrical shop and ask them for a 400w ballast the can help you, it really wont be that expensive.. About the ventalation, i would recommend putting a normal fan to move air around, trust me it helps, im running 400w HPS with free hanging wing (which generates alot of extra heat) in a 2x2.5x3.11h (ft).. so if you keep on top of the girls they should be super fine, and please never EVER over fert your plants, you should check my journal if you wanna see how over fert can totally fuck up your plants, if the soil you got is good dont nute, atleast my girls recovered from the nute burn.. They're looking much better now.. Wil add some pics this week again.. Do you wanna do hydro or organic???

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