first time grower needs help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tinytim, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Ok So i got 7 bagseed seeds the other day and germinated them and now are in cups getting ready to sprout. my question is do you think that i can get anything good from bag seed or should i just go ahead and order good seeds?
  2. bag seed can turn out just as good as professionally crossed hybrids, if grown with care and knowledge.
  3. sweet, so do you think i should run with what ive got?
  4. well, im not an expert on larger grows ( im a micro addict) so you should wait for some one else to post some advice.

    things to keep in mind:
    -room that you have for growing
    -how much you have to spend on the project
    -how much time
    -type of grow (eg. regular,micro,scrog, soil, hydro..lots more) i suggest starting with a a soiled based
    -lighting (hps, mh, cfl)
    ...the list goes on...

    my sugestions would be to take them out of the cups before they get large. if left in small cups your roots will have no where to grow and probibly get root rot.

    please note-pictures speak a thousand words, i and others could help alot more if you post a few.

  5. if its your first time then definately go with bagseed. no need to spend money on expensive seeds and mess up... plus after you harvest your bagseed crop then you may have enough budget for more expensive equipment...better grow environment for good strains...
  6. ok thanx guys, i think im going to stick with what ive got, which is 5 actual plants. i will get pics up asap. thanx

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